Untamed - Power Longbow Roamer

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Focused on: Strike damageMobility and Control

Designed for: WvW Roaming

This build was last updated on October 22, 2023 and is up to date for the November 07, 2023 game patch.


An Untamed power build for WvW roaming. Sticks to the staple LB/GS setup of Ranger and slaps some modifiers on top of it, along with some shiny new tools such as a long range teleport. The more complex pet management makes it somewhat harder to play than other similar power builds.

Skill Bar

River Drake

Skill Variants


Viable choices for the optional slot:

  • - an extremely powerful CC that can easily guarantee kills.
  • - makes your burst unblockable/ignore projectile hate. Gamechanger against certain specs like Virtuoso and Catalyst but way less useful against those that don't rely on blocking skills. Consider taking on Marksmanship.
  • - good defensive skill with evasion, stun break and some condi removal.


  • Wolf Wolf over River Drake River Drake - the Drake has higher burst potential and 2 hard hitting abilities that you can control, but the Wolf has more CC and its highest damage skill has a really short cast time which makes it easier to land and utilize in combos.

Template Code

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  • - more tanky option.


  • - could be added to the Greatsword set as well if you're having trouble dealing with conditions.



  • - strong mix of sustain and damage.
  • - more evasion uptime and synergy.
    • Budget version:


  • or .


Elite specialization basics

  • Untamed Untamed Rangers have more control over their pets than regular Rangers, allowing them to manually control their pet's 3 special attacks.
  • Unleash is the central mechanic of Untamed. At any given time either you or your pet is in the Unleashed state, and you get to flip back and forth on a 1s CD.
  • When you're Unleashed, your first autoattack is empowered. Greatsword's turns into while Longbow's becomes . Unleashing yourself makes you deal more damage.
  • Unleashing the pet grants your pet a damage reduction while their pet skills flip over to new ones:
    • F1 becomes
    • F2 becomes
    • F3 becomes


  • Use for mobility.
  • has several uses:
    • It can be used offensively for the Quickness, most notably to boost , , or Greatsword autos for downed cleave.
    • Alternatively the Superspeed Superspeed can help you escape damage or chase down targets while on Greatsword.
  • Pet swapping acts as a Blast finisher thanks to . Being instant, you can have Smokescale place a under you (even while you're stunned), and swap pets for AoE stealth.
  • is the easiest way to gain stealth in this build, but if the projectile misses then it won't be applied. To reduce the chance of that happening (and considering how the damage of this skill is insignificant) you should try to fire it at pets, mesmer clones, and other AI whenever possible. Alternatively, use it to quickly get rid of Blind Blind or Aegis Aegis because it's the fastest projectile on this weapon.
  • Smokescale Smokescale's F2 is a useful combo field:
    • Projectile finishers like and could Blind Blind your target, increasing your sustain.
    • While your pet is unleashed, Smoke Cloud is replaced by which is a Blast finisher. Dropping the field, unleashing the pet and pressing the skill again could make your pet combo Stealth for you on his own. Such a good boy.
    • or the trait proc from could be used to stack Stealth Stealth as well.


  • is one of your ebst survival tools but also one that has good synergy with your more offensive skills. Try to use and while this is active to reduce the CD of your elite whenever possible, but anything works as long as you're trying to hit as many targets as often as possible.
  • makes your unleash ability remove 2 conditions every 10 seconds, which is your first line of defense against conditions.
  • is for emergencies in case condition damage is starting to overwhelm you. Consider disengaging/repositioning right after or following up with Stealth Stealth so you have some time to recover. It's also a stun break.
  • is both a stun break and an excellent skill for damage mitigation. Hold onto it in case you get stunned if Mutate Conditions is on CD, otherwise you get to use it a bit more freely.
  • Every unleashed pet skill can be used defensively, and itself grants you damage reduction.
  • is an instant source of ranged Blind Blind via trait synergy that could also be used if you're CC'd or casting skills.
  • applies Slow Slow but only if the target is CC'd. It's still useful for preventing them from counterpressuring you after the CC.
  • destroys projectiles while the Chill Chill makes it easy for you to kite enemies caught in it.

Doing damage

  • On Longbow your main combo is into . The CC from PBS also procs for Quickness Quickness. If the target doesn't have Stability Stability you should open with this whenever you swap sweapons because that way you could squeeze in a second before swapping back to Greatsword.
  • Make sure that you're the one who's unleashed during burst combos, not the pet.
  • Once evey 15 seconds unleashed autoattacks become available: on Greatsword and on Longbow. You don't suddenly gain access to them whenever they're off cooldown, only when you use .
    • makes it easier to manage these skills - whenever you swap weapons, the CD is reset so you always get to use unleashed attacks right after weapon swapping. After that the 15s CD still applies but only if you stay on the same weapon long enough.
  • Whenever Fury Fury is applied to you your next attack will deal more damage and be a guaranteed critical hit. This only works on the next strike and doesn't cover entire skills that deliver multiple hits like . On GS however benefits a lot from this. Sources of Fury Fury applications in the build:
    • Disabling a foe via . Both weapon sets have access to CC skills but GS gets the msot value out of this trait. Always try to use after , but even on Longbow could do decent burst damage after as Multishot is the most damage you can do in a single hit on bow.
    • Swapping pets thanks to . This is instant and could even be used in the middle of casting skills to make them crit when they land.
    • when playing with . This is another instant source.
    • Random proc from .
    • Using when you already have Fury.
  • gives your pet a buff that increases their damage on their next attack. This is best used with either Tail Swipe or Chomp on Drake or Crippling Leap on Wolf.

The Longbow burst combo is rather simple:

  1. Make sure you have Fury Fury
  2. CC people with
  3. Optional - get Quickness Quickness from
  4. Immediately follow up with

Greatsword burst combo example (extended):

  1. Make sure you're on
  2. Optional - CC the target with if you were blocking. This will increase the damage of Maul.
  3. Precast - the rest of the combo happens between this and Maul landing.
  4. Swap to River Drake River Drake to trigger which grants Fury Fury and Quickness Quickness. Fury gives you for increased damage.
  5. Cast the pet's Chomp or Tail Swipe (Chomp is easier to land but Tail Swipe does more damage), this should land right after Maul lands.
  6. Your pet should now have Attack of Opportunity as well as Opening Strike for maximum damage. The pet attack should connect right after lands.
  7. your target for CC, hopefully a proc, and to refresh Maul.
  8. again.

Greatsword burst combo (short)

  1. to refresh Maul

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This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 2 votes.
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5 stars
Yinhzccxm gave this build 5 stars • May 2023
Can we remove the troll 1 star ratings? Super misleading. Power Untamed is a very strong damage dealer. The skill lies in being able to survive and having good knowledge of how to use your blinds blocks etc. Boyce is even still playing Untamed in pvp with the 5% damage nerf on Vow of Untamed. WvW remains unaffected by this nerf. Definitely at worst a good roamer if not great.
5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars • August 2022
Not much to say about it, brings the tried and tested power longbow/gs setup to the table with some great damage modifiers and a pet on steroids. Has a higher skillcap than other similar builds so it's not for everyone, I suspect most people will be more effective on Sic 'em than this, but in the right hands it can absolutely destroy people.


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