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Untamed - LB/GS Untamed Marksman

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Strike damage and Control

Designed for: PvP Conquest

Expansions required: End of Dragons builds

This build was last updated on June 01, 2024 and is up to date for the June 25, 2024 patch.


A high damage Untamed burst build for PvP. Generally seen as one of the harder Ranger builds to play (mainly due to the improved pet control), Power Untamed is a formidable dueliest that can even pull its weight in larger fights when played right.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • Axe/Warhorn over Longbow is also a viable option.


  • Storm Spirit over Signet of the Hunt - if you don't need the unblockable attacks from the signet, you could take Storm Spirit for AoE damage and CC plus some extra Fury Fury uptime.
  • Unnatural Traversal over Signet of the Hunt - trades unblockable attacks for a gapcloser that allows you to do "ranged" Greatsword bursts. Switch to Moment of Clarity on Marksmanship.
  • Nature's Binding over "Protect Me!" - with this you gain an extremely powerful CC that can easily guarantee kills on a rather short CD, but give up a valuable source of sustain for it. Makes the build less forgiving to play, but also to play against.


Wolf Wolf can be replaced by:

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  • Take Nature's Shield when playing with more than 1 utility Cantrip.
  • Brutish Seals in Marksmanship can be played for a more bursty playstyle.



Equipment Variants


  • Relic of the Midnight King - more fury & might uptime.


  • Rune of Dolyak - higher sustain.


Elite specialization basics

  • Untamed Untamed Rangers have more control over their pets than regular Rangers, allowing them to manually control their pet's 3 special attacks.
  • Unleash is the central mechanic of Untamed. At any given time either you or your pet is in the Unleashed state, and you get to flip back and forth on a 1s CD.
  • When you're unleashed, your first autoattack is empowered. Greatsword's turns into Savage Slash while Longbow's becomes Multishot. Unleashing yourself makes you deal more damage.
  • Unleashing the pet grants you damage reduction while their pet skills flip over to new ones:
    • F1 becomes Venomous Outburst
    • F2 becomes Rending Vines
    • F3 becomes Enveloping Haze


  • Use Swoop for mobility.
  • Zephyr's Speed has several uses:
    • It can be used offensively for the Quickness, most notably to boost Rapid Fire, Maul, or Greatsword autos for downed cleave.
    • Alternatively the Superspeed Superspeed can help you escape damage or chase down targets while on Greatsword.
  • Pet swapping acts as a Blast finisher thanks to Clarion Bond. Being instant, you can have Smokescale place a Smoke Cloud under you (even while you're stunned), and swap pets for AoE stealth.
  • Hunter's Shot is the easiest way to gain stealth in this build, but if the projectile misses then it won't be applied. To reduce the chance of that happening (and considering how the damage of this skill is insignificant) you should try to fire it at pets, mesmer clones, and other AI whenever possible. Alternatively, use it to quickly get rid of Blind Blind or Aegis Aegis because it's the fastest projectile on this weapon.
  • Smokescale Smokescale's F2 Smoke Cloud is a useful combo field:
    • Projectile finishers like Point Blank Shot and Rapid Fire could Blind Blind your target, increasing your sustain.
    • While your pet is Unleashed, Smoke Cloud is replaced by Rending Vines which is a Blast finisher. Dropping the field, unleashing the pet and pressing the skill again could make your pet combo Stealth for you on his own. Such a good boy.
    • Swoop or the trait proc from Clarion Bond could be used to stack Stealth Stealth as well.
    • Stealth fields are always valuable on any team! Consider dropping this for allies before arriving to a fight so they can make use of the field too.


  • Forest's Fortification is one of your best survival tools but also one that has good synergy with your more offensive skills. Try to use Barrage and Multishot while this is active to reduce the CD of your elite, but anything works as long as you're trying to hit as many targets as often as possible.
  • Cleansing Unleash makes your Unleash ability remove 2 conditions every 10 seconds, which is your first line of defense against conditions.
  • Mutate Conditions is for emergencies in case condition damage is starting to overwhelm you. Consider disengaging/repositioning right after or following up with Stealth Stealth so you have some time to recover. It's also a stun break.
  • "Protect Me!" is both a stun break and an excellent skill for damage mitigation. Hold onto it in case you get stunned if Mutate Conditions is on CD, otherwise you get to use it a bit more freely.
  • Every unleashed pet skill can be used defensively, and Unleash Pet itself grants you damage reduction.
  • Venomous Outburst is an instant source of ranged Blind Blind via trait synergy that could also be used if you're CC'd or casting skills.
  • Rending Vines applies Slow Slow but only if the target is CC'd. It's still useful for preventing them from counterpressuring you after the CC.
  • Enveloping Haze destroys projectiles while the Chill Chill makes it easy for you to kite enemies caught in it.

Doing damage

  • On Longbow your main combo is Point Blank Shot into Rapid Fire. If the target doesn't have Stability Stability you should open with this whenever you swap sweapons because that way you could squeeze in a second Rapid Fire before swapping back to Greatsword.
  • Make sure that you're the one who's unleashed during burst combos, not the pet.
  • Once evey 15 seconds unleashed autoattacks become available: Savage Slash on Greatsword and Multishot on Longbow. You don't suddenly gain access to them whenever they're off cooldown, only when you use Unleash Ranger.
    • Let Loose makes it easier to manage these skills - whenever you swap weapons the CD is reset, so you always get to use unleashed attacks right after weapon swapping. After that the 15s CD still applies but only if you stay on the same weapon long enough.
  • Whenever Fury Fury is applied to you your next attack will deal more damage and be a guaranteed critical hit. This only works on the next strike and doesn't cover entire skills that deliver multiple hits like Rapid Fire. On GS however Maul benefits a lot from this. Sources of Fury Fury applications in the build:
    • Disabling a foe via Two-Handed Training. Both weapon sets have access to CC skills but GS gets the most value out of this trait. Always try to use Maul after Hilt Bash, but even on Longbow Multishot could do decent burst damage after Point Blank Shot as Multishot is the most damage you can do in a single hit on bow.
    • Swapping pets thanks to Clarion Bond. This is instant and could even be used in the middle of casting skills to make them crit when they land.
    • Signet of the Hunt when playing with Brutish Seals. This is another instant source.
  • Maul gives your pet a buff that increases their damage on their next attack. This is best used with either Tail Swipe or Chomp on Drake or Crippling Leap on Wolf.

The Longbow burst combo is rather simple:

  1. Optional Signet of the Hunt for Fury and unblockable attacks
  2. Make sure you have Fury Fury
  3. CC people with Point Blank Shot
  4. Optional - get Quickness Quickness from Zephyr's Speed
  5. Immediately follow up with Rapid Fire (and Smokescale's Smoke Assault if it's available)

Greatsword burst combo example (extended):

  1. Make sure you're on Unleash Ranger
  2. Precast Maul - the rest of the combo happens between this and Maul landing.
  3. Swap to Wolf Wolf to trigger Zephyr's Speed which grants Fury Fury and Quickness Quickness. Fury gives you Opening Strike for increased damage.
  4. Cast the pet's F1 (Crippling Leap) right as Maul's about to connect, the pet attack should go off after Maul (as Maul buffs the pet).
  5. Your pet should now have Attack of Opportunity as well as Opening Strike for maximum damage.
  6. Hilt Bash your target for CC, hopefully a Moment of Clarity proc, and to refresh Maul.
  7. Maul again.

Greatsword burst combo (short)

  1. Maul
  2. Hilt Bash to refresh Maul
  3. Maul

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This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 8 votes.
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5 stars
V1lly gave this build 5 stars • November 2023
This build is difficult to master and is in its current form a lot better than Core Ranger. It's also on par if not better than Stance Beast. One could argue its usefullness in competitive play since it doesn't do a specific role best. Instead it shines in ranked because of its versatility. It can fill many roles, be it roamer, bunker or dps.
2 stars
Winters gave this build 2 stars • October 2023
A very bad and confusing Untamed build. Core Ranger does more damage yet people are using this build for absolutely no reason. The only good side of it, is your pet can finally teleport to your enemy and if you're lucky enough, it'll slow them. The current meta for this build would be Power Melee Stancebeast which takes advantage of the AoE melee.
5 stars
Goon gave this build 5 stars • June 2023
A very powerful and versatile build in the current meta. Can adapt to whatever is required for it but its high kill pressure means it is always a threat. The sustain through direct healing is relatively low so skillful usage of stealth, blind, weakness, blocks and evades is crucial to survive. One of the highest skill cap builds in the current meta.
4 stars
Vex gave this build 4 stars • March 2023
Nerfing the port hurt this one a lot but the unblockable signet almost makes up for it. Destroying eles who think they can reflect is sooo addicting. Damage is still phenomenal but the cracks are starting to show and getting the most out of the build isn't always easy. Could end up dead in seconds if the untamed isn't careful, survival's very low past the stealth.
5 stars
Quanxi gave this build 5 stars • December 2022
This build is the grim reaper of pvp right now. Could delete anyone anywhere in no time, even after the pet nerf the burst is insane. Higher skill ceiling than other ranger builds perhaps but I didn't find it that hard. Love how ranger finally gets to shine and has a competitive spec but have to admit the mobility is too much, dunno what Anet was thinking when they gave ranger a teleport. Fully expect it to go down to like 600 range in the future.
5 stars
Necro master gave this build 5 stars • October 2022
best class u can roaming fast or another mission....even auto 1 already make big dmg ...stealth...port...block...i think untamed is eod best class now
5 stars
Broseph.Chadfella gave this build 5 stars • May 2022
This and Vindicator are probably my favourites. High ceiling Specs. If you can't make it work, there's always a Mech.
5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars • April 2022
Core ranger 3.0 is here to save the class it seems. Takes the age old LB/GS setup, adds some modifiers, a teleport, and better pet control for more coordinated bursts. Lots of damage, okay sustain, good mobility. Because of the more complex pet management it has a higher skill cap than other ranger specs.


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