Warrior - Core Celestial Roamer

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Focused on: SustainHybrid damage and Support

Designed for: WvW Roaming


A core Warrior WvW Roaming build with decent damage and incredible sustain, focusing on hybrid damage with Celestial stats. Can be played solo, but excels in group scenarios where it can make full use of and . This build easily maintains high stacks of might with , , , , , 's flip skill , and blast finishers into the fire field.

Skill Bar


Skill Bar Variants


  • can be taken to help deal with conditions if you take Strength traitline, at the cost of losing the adrenaline and endurance regain from .
  • over Bull's Charge, tech choice vs thieves or when you want to support your allies with more instant heals.
  • over Bull's Charge to help with stomps and general stunbreaks if not taking Rampage or Battle Standard.
  • can be taken if you do not need rampage for stomping or escaping, or if you take Defense traitline over Strength. Supplements adrenaline generation and can be used in emergencies to recover 40 endurance and heal via and .
  • is an option if you are roaming in a group of 3 or more. Any less and rampage becomes the better option for it's versatility.

Template Code

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If you find yourself having trouble against condition damage or are frequently outnumbered, taking defense over strength is also an option.



Equipment Variants


  • - replace sigil of doom on longbow if taking Defense. Can also be taken for more sustain but less cover conditions and subsequently less damage on Strength.



  • - a very strong defensive option which improves your already great endurance regen. Even has synergy with Might Might related traits and the Strength line.
    • Budget version: - much cheaper and more than fine.




  • Playstyle: this build aims to make use of its incredible sustain to outlast opponents, controlling space with longbow and upkeeping ranged pressure, while still retaining the potential to burst down opponents with sword and finishing with if weapon swap is off cooldown. Making use of terrain and choke points makes this build shine. While the build uses longbow, it functions best as a melee build.

  • and causes Might Might applications to heal you and grant a tiny bit of endurance.
    • Add to the mix and basically turns into a healing skill with 2 charges.
  • If possible, dodge into enemies to damage them with and generate Might Might. This is especially useful if you're Blind Blinded as the damage of the dodge will miss, consuming the condition and allowing you to immediately follow up with something.
  • Open fights with Template:Skill:Dual Shot to try and bait out some dodges and pressure at range, weaving in to keep them blinded.
  • does higher damage at point blank where all 3 hits can connect. Use this off cooldown at all ranges.
  • hits hard with power damage and is a blast finisher, but is hard to land. Because of this, it's better to use to blast your fire field while attempting to hit an enemy for maximum value from the blast finisher might generation.
  • is strong for it's immobillize, but is slow and hard to land with a long windup, making it easy to dodge. As such, try and use this skill after baiting out some dodges. This skill can be stowed in order to cancel the attack but still have the windup, potentially baiting out dodges - but only do this if you know it will generate value.
  • is primarily used to chase down targets or create space. Gives access to fire aura when leaping through the fire field.
  • should only be used when the enemy is below 50% health. Hitting an enemy at below 50% health deals surprisingly high power damage and stacks some bleed.
  • is versatile in its usage. The pulsing cripple and torment makes it difficult to cleanse, making it a strong tool for closing or creating gaps. The flip skill is difficult to connect without a knockdown or immobilize, but it's still worth going for without these.
  • applies a lot of stacks of bleeding if the counter hits, and is a high priority skill for the build's condition damage pressure. Can be used on reaction to enemy single hit crowd control skills to avoid the CC and counter. This skill will only block 1 hit within 130 range of the target, but outside of that range it will continue blocking until the block ends. This makes it an excellent tool for kiting to terrain against enemies with ranged pressure.
  • Burst skills:
    • is primarily used as space control, not dealing damage with this move is fine. The higher adrenaline level the longer the attack will last, and we want this to last as long as possible. Most of your damage with this will come from kiting and forcing the enemy to follow you through choke points, and using while they are standing in the fire field. If fighting against melee builds, this can be placed at your feet to deter an engage, and if they do they will take extra damage for it. Against ranged builds, try to place the edge of the skill in the direction they are moving so they spend the most time in the fire field.
    • is your primary source of damage in melee trades. Level 1 immobilize is long enough to have every hit of the move connect, with higher levels of Flurry adding more immobilize on top. As you are stuck in place while using this attack, it is important to make sure you have enough health to tank whatever the enemy may throw at you while you finish, or otherwise choose a moment after they have blown their offensive CDs and cannot properly counter pressure. This skill can also enable the primary burst combo of the build ( and finishing with if weapon swap is off cooldown) by either using a higher level Flurry or cancelling level 1 flurry early, which still retains the immobilize.
    • You gain 15 endurance via if a burst skill hits.
  • can be your make or break skill during duels or downing an opponent. Try to use it at the end of a player's dodge or stability to make it even harder to dodge, and make the most out of it. Alternatively, this can be used defensively for the evasion and mobility to avoid damage, disengage from a fight, or reach favourable terrain.
    • Try to use this in conjunction with which will immobilize the target thanks to , creating an opportunity to connect Bull's Charge without the risk of it being dodged. Whether Bull's Charge connects or not, you will likely still be close to the opponent to use the Impale flip skill which deals a lot of power damage even on Celestial stats, while also giving you sustain with and synergy.
  • and will be used to manage condition levels before resorting to mass cleanses.
  • (SIO) is the only on-demand stun break in the build. This skill has 2 charges: if you're under heavy condition pressure and the aforementioned 2 traits aren't enough, you're free to use one of the charges. This skill also affects nearby allies and can be used to support them if you can afford it.
  • is used to upkeep both permanent Fury and high stacks of Might, while also serving as a healing skill that regenerates some endurance thanks to , , and .


  • is primarily used for stomping or disengaging. Ideally save this to secure the kill. Can also be used for more CC to stop stomps if needed, but ultimately makes closing out the kill harder.


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