Willbender - Radiant Burnbender

The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good

Focused on: Hybrid damage and Mobility

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on April 23, 2024 and is up to date for the March 19, 2024 patch.


A hybrid Willbender build for PvP, augmenting its strike damage with rapid Burning Burning stacking that becomes more effective with a higher number of targets.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • Greatsword over Scepter/Torch is also a viable option, offering better burst damage and AoE cleave.


  • Reversal of Fortune - worse cleansing and overall a less popular option, but could work better under pressure due to the lower cast time (assuming it blocks an attack).

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Relic: Defender

Equipment Variants


  • Sigil of Cleansing - better defense against conditions, but you'll have to give up either endurance regen or damage for it.
  • Sigil of Exposure and Sigil of Doom - these add cover conditions to the build to make the Burning Burning a bit harder to cleanse. Could be used together for maximum effectiveness.


  • Rune of Eagle over Rune of Balthazar - more focus on Power-based burst damage.



  • What sets Willbender apart from other burn Guardian specs is how they apply Burning Burning. Unlike other builds where you're holding on to the F1 for passive condition stacking, here you're encouraged to use Rushing Justice on CD because the passive only works for an 8 second period after using the active of the F1.
  • Resolution Resolution increases your critical strike chance by 40% via Righteous Instincts while Inner Fire passively provides a high uptime of Fury Fury for another 20%.
    • Every Virtue and shadowstep (teleport) grants Resolution Resolution from the traits Vanguard Tactics and Virtue of Resolution. Most of the time these skills are part of your burst combos so you don't have to worry too much about maintaining this boon.
  • Every Virtue skill is a mobility skill on Willbender. Besides their base functionality they are great for sticking to targets or escaping damage.
  • Rushing Justice is refreshed after each kill so make sure you always have it on cooldown right before a kill (this is very useful when soloing camps). Using it also applies AoE Blind Blind which is great for stomping or making high priority skills miss. It's also one of the hardest hitting skills in the build.
  • Try to burn through all of your virtues before resorting to Renewed Focus. RF is a great skill to use if you're being focues by the enemy team and you don't have any CDs left. Just keep in mind that this skill makes you lose capture point contribution for its duration.
  • Whirling Light is as much of a defensive skill as it is offensive, offering AoE Weakness Weakness application on top of great damage.
  • One of Willbender's greatest strengths is its mobility:
    • Every virtue skill is a mobility skill.
    • Most of the teleports require a target, but you can get creative with that by doing things like selecting a far away enemy target (even a random NPC) and spamming teleports to get away from an enemy chasing you.
    • Advancing Strike is a good mobility skill even without a target as it makes you dash forward.


  • Use Rushing Justice on CD. While the skill itself hits rather hard, the main purpose of this is the 8s burst window that follows, a window where every 3rd attack inflicts Burning Burning on your foe.
  • Try to get as many hits in during this time frame as possible using Symbols or skills that strike multiple times such as Whirling Light or Zealot's Defense.
  • Zealot's Flame is a great source of passive AoE burning - it's instant and doesn't interfere with your combos. While active you'll have access to its chain skill Zealot's Fire which lets you throw a ball of fire at your target for burst damage.
    • Chains of Light can help with landing the projectile against ranged targets thanks to the Immobilize Immobilize.
  • Advancing Strike deals good damage and sets up your next attack perfectly with Immobilize Immobilize and Resolution Resolution (it's a shadowstep).
  • Executioner's Calling combos well with Advancing Strike as it benefits from the setup of the Immob.
  • Scepter acts as your best source of ranged damage in the build, but that's not saying much. The projectiles are rather unreliable at a distance so most of the time this is more of a midrange/melee weapon. Even skill #2 Symbol of Punishment is best used in melee as that way you're getting buffed while the enemy's taking damage.


  • Flowing Resolve is an excellent reactive skill with multiple charges which cleanses several conditions and even has an evade frame in case you need to dodge something but don't have the endurance.
  • Signet of Resolve is worth holding onto for its passive in order to get free condition cleansing, but don't hesitate to use it on low health (and even its active can cleanse conditions).
  • If taken Reversal of Fortune (your healing skill) is best used when an attack is already coming your way or you're absolutely certain that you're going to be hit in order to get maximum healing (and block value) out of it. If you're not being focused but want to heal consider moving briefly into an enemy AoE skill.
  • Contemplation of Purity is a purely defensive stun break and your best answer against an overwhelming amount of conditions. Usually a last resort for when you're heavily pressured and other options don't cut it anymore.
  • Crashing Courage is an excellent and versatile defensive skill. Short CD, grants boons, it's also a ground targeted ranged teleport which adds a lot of vertical mobility to the build. Leaving attackers behind while teleporting to the highground can save your life. As with most Willbender skills, it's not purely defensive - the AoE it leaves behind upon landing is a good source of cleave damage too, so you could sacrifice this skill to chase or pressure targets if you're fine with giving up a defensive CD.
  • Judge's Intervention is also a stun break but most of the time it'll be used to execute burst combos from range. Worth holding onto for defensive purposes when every other stun break is on CD though.
  • As long as you have Renewed Focus you're somewhat safe. It's an incredibly powerful defensive skill which grants you immunity to incoming damage and CC (other than fall damage) when under heavy pressure, and refreshes all of your Virtues which could either help you stay alive longer or run away.

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This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 4 votes.
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3 stars
Hanz gave this build 3 stars • March 2023
If you're looking for a condi guard build it probably doesn't get better than this right now, but to be honest I don't really see the point. It's playable but it's very close to Power Willbender in terms of specializations and even skills, but it's worse in every way except maybe downed cleave. Has the usual condi guard problem of the burst being easily cleansed, but the strike damage portion of the build is quite good at compensating for it. Then again you could just play Power and do more strike damage. Feels rather weak against competent supports and doesn't really have the sustain to 1v1. It's probably really good at climbing to a certain rating range but then kind of fizzles out past that. If the Power variant didn't exist I'd give it a 4/5 but they're so similar it's hard not to draw comparisons.
2 stars
Vex gave this build 2 stars • March 2023
Burn guardian is not viable anymore and WB isn't enough to bring it back. Anet needs to buff our traits and introduce some condition variety but what I'd like is scepter buffs. Add conditions to the auto at least and speed it up because right now it's trash. Our damage doesn't justify the sustain being this low either. It's in a sad state and I miss playing it but it is what it is.
5 stars
Saiyan gave this build 5 stars • March 2023
I like the build and have used it the majority of the season. Righteous Instincts is 100% the way to go. A near constant upkeep of Fury thanks to Inner Fire and the +10% crit from Radiant Power, means you will have a close to 100% crit. 2xTorch#4 hits pretty hard. Adventure Runes/Bal runes/Scholar runes feels OK but difficult to see which are actually better.
5 stars
HuntersCrackPipe gave this build 5 stars • March 2023
I like the idea. But I wouldn't call it a burnbender. seems like it's mostly focused on strike dmg to burning foes. hard to make an effective condi guard with only 1 condi available. but if you were to try it with willbender, maybe look into stacking might by exploiting the high resolution uptime. you could probably get some serious burst from a stack of fire and max might. idk. look into it.


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