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Guide to WvW Rewards

WvW Rewards


WvW has a staggering amount of different systems to grant rewards as well as types of rewards. This guide will teach you about every type of reward structure in WvW and how to maximize the efficiency of spending those rewards. Make sure to use a zerg build or roaming build to make getting rewards easier.

Objective Rewards

Events for attacking and defending towers, keeps and castles can give significant rewards based on the type and quality of objective. Check out the Guide to WvW Objective Scaling Rewards for in-depth information.

  • Rewards include WXP, WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets and Grandmaster Mark Shards.
  • Event participation is gained by:
    • Killing enemy players
    • Repairing the objective
    • Damaging the objective
    • Capturing the objective

Wizard's Vault Tasks

WvW tasks are a very easy way to get Astral Acclaim with most tasks being easy to complete while participating in normal WvW gameplay.

Each daily is color coded showing the difficulty to complete as a solo player. No dailies are particularly challenging to complete in a group.

  • Red: Challenging to solo
  • Yellow: Moderately difficult to solo
  • Green: Easy to solo


  • Defeat 1 Enemy Supply Caravan
    • To complete this daily you only need to kill a supply dolyak, any NPCs escorting it can be ignored
    • Supply dolyaks patrol from camps to nearby objectives held by the same faction
  • Defeat 3 Enemy Invaders
    • This is a difficult daily to complete solo for players disinclined to PvP, but easily done in a group since completion only requires dealing a small amount of damage to an enemy player that dies
  • Capture 1 Sentry Point
    • Sentires are rarely defended, making this a fairly easy daily to solo
    • Moving close to an enemy sentry marks you on the map for enemy players so make sure to complete the kill quickly
  • Capture 1 Ruin or Shrine
    • This daily can be easily completed on the Desert Borderland, simply capture one of the ruins located in the center of the map
  • Defeat 5 Enemy Guards
    • Almost all enemy NPCs at objectives quality for this achievement, it will often be completed in the process of finishing other dailies
  • Earn 200 WvW Experience/Earn 300 WvW Experience
    • This daily isn't mechanically difficult to complete solo and doesn't take long to complete
    • The fastest way to finish this daily is capturing objectives
    • The GW2 Wiki has a list of what actions gain world experience here
  • Capture 1 Camp Objective
    • This is an easy daily to solo, but may see some pvp if enemy players contest your capture
    • The southern borderland camps are captured fairly frequently, as are the various camps in the Eternal Battlegrounds
    • As an alternative, the north-east and north-west camps on the Desert Borderland typically have very low player traffic, though reaching them takes much longer
  • Participate in 1 Defense Event — Defend an objective during an enemy assault. The achievement is rewarded when a defend event successfully completes.
    • The difficulty of this daily depends a lot on when you're playing, during prime time it should be quite easy to finish but if the maps aren't active it can be a bit of a struggle
    • Eternal Battlegrounds is typically the easiest place to complete this achievement, but make sure to keep an eye on team chat to see if any teammates call out an objective under attack
    • An enemy player needs to be defeated inside the objective area after they've damaged the structure or guards to get credit
  • Escort 1 Supply Caravan to its Destination
    • This daily is trivial to solo and very fast
    • You only need to be near the dolyak where it reaches the final objective on its path, though you can escort it all the way from a camp to speed it up with swiftness and superspeed


  • Capture 10 Ruin, Shrine, or Mercenary Camp Objectives in World vs. World
  • Capture 10 World vs. World Objectives
  • Capture 3 Keeps in World vs. World
  • Capture 5 Camps in World vs. World
  • Capture 5 Towers in World vs. World
  • Capture 5 World vs. World Objectives in the Edge of the Mists
  • Complete the Obsidian Sanctum Jumping Puzzle in the Obsidian Sanctum Map
  • Deal 500,000 Damage to Enemy Players in Structured Player vs. Player or World vs. World
  • Defeat 10 Enemy Supply Caravans in World vs. World
  • Defeat 10 World vs. World Invaders
  • Defeat 25 Enemy Guards in World vs. World
  • Defend 10 World vs. World Objectives
  • Destroy 10 Enemy Supply Caravans in World vs. World
  • Earn 10,000 WvW Experience
  • Escort 10 Allied Supply Caravans to Their Destinations in World vs. World
  • Restore 50,000 Health to Yourself or Allied Players

WvW Weeklies

There are a total of 9 WvW weeklies that reset on monday at 07:30. Completing 6 of the 9 weekly achievements rewards 8 gold. Consistent completion of weeklies will be far easier in a group than solo, see our guide to finding a group in WvW to help. Difficulty of completing each achievement will depend on your group, world and enemy worlds, the following list is color coded with the expectation players play in a group to complete the achievements.

  • Red: Challenging
  • Yellow: Moderate Difficulty
  • Green: Easy
  • Capture 5 ruins
    • This achievement can easily be soloed in less than 10 minutes
    • The ruins in the Desert Borderlands are recommended due to lower player traffic
  • Kill 15 enemy supply caravans
    • To gain progress in this weekly you only need to kill a supply dolyak, any NPCs escorting it can be ignored
    • Supply dolyaks patrol from camps to nearby objectives held by the same faction
  • Capture 15 supply camps
    • The southern borderland camps are captured fairly frequently, as are the various camps in the Eternal Battlegrounds
    • As an alternative, the north-east and north-west camps on the Desert Borderland typically have very low player traffic, though reaching them takes much longer
  • Defeat 50 enemy players
    • If possible try to play at high population times to complete this achievement, it can be done very quickly in a large group but may take a long time in a small one
  • Capture 8 enemy towers
    • This is a reasonable weekly to solo, but has a moderate chance of enemy players coming to defend the tower you attack.
    • The southernmost towers on the borderlands are typically the least defended, with the Desert Borderland being less trafficked than the Alpine Borderland
    • The best way to break into a tower solo is by building a catapult on a wall not visible from the road
    • Feel free to ask for help in team or map chat, especially if you have already built a catapult yourself
    • If you have a commander tag, this is a good time to make use of it by creating a squad
  • Defend 8 towers
    • Very easy weekly, try to complete it on either Eternal Battlegrounds or your home team's Borderland
  • Capture 3 enemy keeps
    • Edge of the Mists keeps are a possible alternative for completing this daily, but can take a long time to break into solo and require some knowledge of siege mechanics
      • Red keep lord is quite easy to solo, blue is manageable, green is possible but not recommended
  • Defend 3 keeps
    • Very easy weekly, try to complete it on either Eternal Battlegrounds or your home team's Borderland
  • Capture 1 enemy castle
    • This achievement requires capturing Stonemist Castle in the Eternal Battlegrounds
    • In some matchups this weekly is near impossible to complete, remember that only 6 of the 7 are needed for completion


Participation is a mechanic in WvW that determines the amount of Reward Track progress you gain per 5 minute "tick". Keeping your participation at tier 6 is the most important thing you can do to gain rewards in WvW, this can be accomplished by capturing and defending objectives or killing players.

  • Participation starts at tier 0 and goes up to a maximum of tier 6.
  • A minimum of tier 3 participation is required to gain Skirmish Reward Track progress.
  • The most efficient way to gain participation is killing players, which is best done in a large group.
  • Your participation tier decays with inactivity but does not decay outside of WvW maps, so make sure you leave WvW when you're done playing.
  • The GW2 wiki has an extensive guide on what you can do to increase your participation here
  • You can see your current participation by mousing over the small chest above (or below) your minimap while in WvW.

WvW Participation

WvW Reward Tracks

Reward tracks are one of the main reward systems in WvW. They have several exclusive rewards such as . Repeatable reward tracks can be set to automatically restart by clicking the infinity symbol next to the name of your active reward track.

  • Players interested in legendary crafting can use the Gift of Battle reward track
  • Acquiring Triumphant Armor skins from the Triumphant Armor Reward Track is the most efficient way to unlock the precursors for WvW Legendary Armor
  • The most profitable reward tracks are non-repeatable reward tracks:
Non-repeatable Reward Tracks Toggle
  • Grothmar Valley Reward Track
  • End of Dragons Reward Track
  • Shiver Emote Tome Reward Track
  • Bjora Marches Reward Track
  • Silverwastes Reward Track
  • Crystal Desert Reward Track
  • Warclaw Reward Track
  • Tangled Depths Reward Track
  • Auric Basin Reward Track
  • Verdant Brink Reward Track
  • Drizzlewood Coast Reward Track
  • For repeatable reward tracks, the highest profit when considering Mystic Clovers will typically be the Secrets of the Obscure reward track
  • The End of Dragon's reward track is also a good choice, only requiring selling the exotic berserker armor from the Canthan Armor Box at the end of the track
  • The Halloween and Wintersday reward tracks are almost always the most profitable repeatable reward tracks when available if the value of Mystic Clovers are not considered
  • Stat selectable exotic armor with unique skins can be acquired in the Triumphant Armor and Legacy Armor Reward Tracks
WvW Reward Tracks


There are three types of boosts that can speed up your reward track completion time; Unlimited boosts, consumable boosts and event boosts. Assuming 100% uptime of Tier 6 participation you can expect a reward track completion every:

  • 8 hours and 35 minutes with no boosts
  • 3 hours and 45 minutes with maximum boosts (other than event boosts)
  • 5 hours and 25 minutes with no gem shop boosts (Enrichment, Guild, and Experience Booster only)

These numbers do not include the additional progression from the Skirmish Reward Track or Potion of WvW Rewards

Unlimited Boosts

Since both unlimited reward track boosts compete with world experience boosts players will need to choose which to use. It may be useful to swap between the two depending on activity, since WXP is much easier to gain during active times while the Reward Track boost constantly provides the same value. In general however, gaining more WXP is better than gaining Reward Track progress because extra WvW ranks allow you to progress the Skirmish Reward Track more quickly and increases your versatility by unlocking WvW ability points. There are two notable situations where players should always use the Reward Track boosts instead of WXP:

  • Players that only want to complete the Gift of Battle Reward Track
  • Players that will not benefit from increased ranks in completing the Skirmish Reward Track
Consumable Boosts

Many of the consumable boosts are gem store items, though the Experience Booster is easily acquired without the gem store and the Celebration Booster can be acquired outside of the gem store. None of the gobbler items require additional gem store purchases. The Black Lion Boost has a fairly short duration and is generally not an efficient use of statuettes.

Skirmish Reward Track

The Skirmish Reward Track is progressed by gaining "pips" on each five minute tick. Gaining pips requires having at least tier 3 participation. The Skirmish Reward Track gives three primary rewards:

WvW Skirmish Tracks

WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets

WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets ("tickets") are a currency used for legendary crafting and gear acquisition in WvW. They are gained passively through completing the Skirmish Reward Track with the maximum amount available being 365 with completion of the Diamond tier chest. WvW weeklies offer a secondary method for a maximum of 40 additional tickets after finishing all 8 weeklies (5 tickets per weekly). Participation in attack/defend events for towers, keeps and castles can give unlimited amounts of additional tickets.

  • WvW legendary armor requires 7880 tickets
  • Mistforged WvW legendary armor requires 10500 tickets
  • The legendary ring Conflux requires 2200 tickets
    • 350 tickets can be saved by buying the Mist Band from Fractal or sPvP rewards
  • The legendary backpiece Warbringer requires 2800 tickets
  • Non-legendary gear acquisition through tickets is typically not worth it due to the cost of memories of battle

Skirmish Chest

  • The most profitable use of Skirmish Chests when considering gem conversion price is purchasing Transmutation Charges
  • The most profitable use of Skirmish Chests for players with enough Transmutation Charges is purchasing Testimonies of Jade Heroics (See Testimony of Jade Heroics section)

Memory of Battle

Memories of Battle ("Memories") are used in Legendary crafting and to purchase Ascended equipment in WvW

  • Players interested in legendary crafting should save memories
    • Coalesence requires 1750 memories
    • Warbringer requires 750 memories
    • One full set of WvW Legendary armor requires 3000 memories (or 6000 memories for the Mistforged variant)
  • Players not interested in legendary crafting can sell memories on the trading post for gold
  • Due to the high cost of memories, using them to purchase ascended equipment is not recommended. It is always cheaper to sell memories on the trading post and buy the materials to craft ascended equipment.
    • An exception exists for Ascended trinkets from the Skirmish Supervisor
      • These trinkets are more expensive than other methods of trinket acquisition but can be cheaply stat changed
      • The Jade variants also have access to the difficult to acquire Ritualist's and Dragon's stats

Player Kills

Killing players grants loot bags and WXP

  • Dealing damage is required to gain credit for player kills, roughly 500 damage is enough to gain credit
    • Players using support builds need to be particularly careful to use some damaging abilities to gain credit

Loot Bags

Player kills grant a loot bag based on the level of the defeated player. The most common type is the Heavy Loot Bag gained from killing level 80 players.

  • Opening the bag is usually more efficient than selling it on the trading post
  • Fast Farming provides a list of options for using bags with a link to the GW2 API for current trading post prices.

Jade Bot

The Jade Bot scavenger protocols add minor additional rewards when getting a kill

  • The most efficient protocols to use are Magic or Might protocols


All objectives have a set of gathering nodes called synthesizers (commonly called "nodes") that can be harvested.

  • The most efficient non-time limited gathering tools to use are the Volatile gathering tools available from various Living World Season 4 maps
  • The most efficient gathering tools to use are the Frostbitten gathering tools
    • Frostbitten gathering tools are only acquirable during the Wintersday holiday event
  • The most efficient infinite gathering tools to use is the Watchwork Mining Pick for mining with the Volatile Magic for other resource nodes

Spirit Shards

WvW provides a significant amount of Spirit Shards though the Tomes of Knowledge given in WvW Reward Tracks. Spirit Shards can be an extremely profitable resource but are click intensive to process.

  • Players interested in legendary crafting can use spirit shards to turn Mystic Coins into Mystic Clovers
  • Profit can be made with material conversion by buying lower tier materials from the trading post and Philosopher's Stones with Spirit Shards then combining both in the mystic forge into higher tier materials
    • Fast Farming provides a full list of activities with a link to the GW2 API for current trading post prices.

Badges of Honor

(or "Badges") are mainly acquired through daily reward chests, and killing players or npcs.

  • The most profitable way to spend badges is buying to sell on the trading post from Davis the Survivor located in any guild hall of sufficient level at the War Room.
  • A secondary use for badges is buying traps and tricks or food and utilities from the Permanent Portable Provisioner

Testimony of Jade Heroics

Testimonies of Jade Heroics are acquired through reward tracks and skirmish reward chests. Testimonies of Jade Heroics can be converted into rewards and Testimonies of Heroics or Testimonies of Desert Heroics at the Heroics Notary located in the spawn area of every WvW map.

  • Testimony of Jade Heroics can be converted into any other type, but other types cannon be converted back into Jade.
  • The different types of Notarized Scroll of Heroics can be used to complete Hero Point challenges in a different area of the game.
  • The most profitable use of Testimonies of Jade Heroics is converting them into Testimony of Desert Heroics to buy runes
    • Superior Rune of the Firebrand is typically the highest price and sell volume rune
  • HoT and PoF expansion runes can be purchased through Testimonies and are the optimal choice for some WvW builds.
  • Though more expensive than buying from the trading post, Superior Siege bought from the Permanent Portable Provisioner with Testimonies can be very convenient and help you avoid carrying several types of siege you don't often use.
Heroics Notary in Obsidian Sanctum

WvW Rank

Each time your WvW rank increases you gain a WvW ability point to spend on increasing your versatility in WvW. Take a look at our optimized guide to WvW ability points to learn how to spend your points.


Karma is not a WvW exclusive currency but is abundant in WvW due to the large amount of events that can be completed. Participating in attacking or defending objective events will provide a scaling amount of karma based on the type of objective. There are a very wide variety of ways to spend karma.

  • Players interested in Legendary crafting can buy Obsidian Shards from Tactician Deathstrider in Orr
  • The most profitable way to spend karma is on time-gated activities:
  • The yearly Wintersday event has notable ways to spend karma
    • Frostbitten gathering tools can only be purchased during Wintersday and are the most profitable gathering tools that can be used, though they lack the convenience of infinite tools
    • Wintersday presents can be bought in bulk making them one of the easiest ways to spend large amounts of karma quickly
      • Wintersday presents typically drop significantly in price during the Wintersday event and must be held for several months for optimal profit
  • Fast Farming provides a full list of activities with a link to the GW2 API for current trading post prices.


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