Bladesworn rating

Hi, your rating for the following build has been removed: Build:Bladesworn_-_Power_Shoutsworn

Vote comment was:

Build is unfun. I see no reason to play it over core or spellbreaker. Both have either better sustain or damage. It is just a spamfest that gets easily shutdown'd by a competent player. Shout abuse was and will be never fun on Warrior.


Fun is subjective and not something we consider when evaluating builds. It's possible that some builds are better in certain aspects, but Bladesworn is a package deal with multiple strengths. So far I wouldn't even say those have better sustain or damage, general consensus is this is one of the top PvP specs of the expansion. It's certainly not a 1 star bronze tier build that's for sure.

You're free to resubmit a new rating anytime. --Hanz (talk) 13:58, 14 March 2022 (UTC)

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