Druid - Alacrity Support Condi DPS

Under construction.webp This is a placeholder build that was useful in the past. Click here to view current builds.

Focused on: Condition damageHealing and Support

Designed for: Raids

Expansions required: Heart of Thorns builds



Condi Druid is a variant of Druid - Boon Support Healer which sacrifices healing for personal DPS. Like its healing counterpart, it provides boons to its subgroup including Alacrity Alacrity and 25 stacks of Might Might with . It also provides CC and tons of utility from various pets and utility skills.

This build is best used if the squad already has a dedicated healer, or you're in an expert group that can avoid almost all damage and maintain their bonus. If this is not the case Druid - Boon Support Healer will usually perform better. This guide assumes you are already an experienced Healing Druid player.

Skill Bar

Fanged Iboga
Electric Wyvern

Weapon Variants

You can swap out Axe/Torch for other weapons if needed.

  • Double Shortbow can be useful if the boss is frequently moving out of .
  • Longbow provides for CC or pushing.
  • Staff is a huge DPS loss but provides mobility, projectile destruction, a water field, and a blast finisher.

Pet Variants

  • Fanged Iboga Fanged Iboga is the highest DPS pet, which also inflicts good CC with its pet skill . This is the pet you will have out most of the time.
  • Electric Wyvern Electric Wyvern and Rock Gazelle Rock Gazelle deal mediocre DPS but provides very strong CC from their pet skills, and . You should have one of these as your secondary pet and swap to it if CC is needed.
  • Jacaranda Jacaranda is the second highest DPS pet and the pet with the highest cleave damage. It also has an immobilize in , useful if more soft CC is needed.

In certain situations, you might also find these pets useful:

  • Red Moa Red Moa provides Fury Fury with its pet skill , useful if you're struggling with fury uptime.
  • Jungle Stalker Jungle Stalker provides Might Might with its pet skill , useful if you're struggling with might uptime.
  • Wolf Wolf provides AoE fear, useful if your group is having trouble with adds (e.g. on Escort towers).
  • Brown Bear Brown Bear provides for extremely condition-heavy fights.

Skill Variants


  • is a good alternative to on condition-heavy fights (e.g. Slothasor). If you take this run .
  • if is already covered.


  • - As you're likely to only run Condi Druid if damage is more important than healing, you can probably swap out for this.
  • if the group lacks Vulnerability Vulnerability.
  • provides a short cooldown AoE knockback and is the cornerstone of many raid boss strategies.
  • provides an AoE stun break, useful for saving your subgroup on bosses like Slothasor.
  • is a strong safety net for inexperienced groups.
  • for extra CC.


  • on fights where the immobilize is needed.

Template Code

Copy Template Code


Trait Variants

  • if there is no other source of Fury Fury in your subgroup.
  • if you are using any heal other than and don't need the extra CC (the Daze Daze triggers when entering Celestial Avater}.



Equipment Variants

  • If extra might generation is required, can be replaced with . This is a good choice when playing the only druid, as without perfect alacrity uptime or if any players are not in a cast, might will drop.
  • Celestial stats Celestial stats will give you +639 toughness, which may be enough to make you the tank. If you need to lower your toughness, you can swap pieces out for Seraph stats Seraph stats to retain your healing power and boon duration, or Viper stats Viper stats to focus on damage.



  • - the lifesteal is very helpful for quickly charging Astral Force.


  • or



If possible, use and double dodge right at the start of phases to gain the buff from


  1. Start on Axe/Torch and Jacaranda, and summon spirits
  2. Swap pets (to Iboga) to trigger
  3. Enter
  4. Exit (assuming you are at 25 might stacks)
  5. Weapon swap Weapon swap


  1. Autoattack until is available
  2. Autoattack until
  3. Autoattack until is available
  4. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  5. Enter
  6. Spam CA skills until you're at 25 might
  7. Exit
  8. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  9. Return to start of loop

General Tips

  • Use spirit active skills whenever they come off cooldown
  • You are free to enter at any time during your rotation and/or stay in it for longer when heals are needed. Try to do so when you would otherwise be autoattacking though.

See Build:Druid - Boon Support Healer for general Druid tips.


  • or or
  • ->
  • Swapping to staff or with traited
  • (not recommended as you generally need this skill for other mechanics)


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 8 votes.
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4 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 4 stars • September 2018
A strong "off-healer" in semi-experienced groups. This build provides a fair amount of DPS, while still providing might and Druid utility for raid mechanics.
5 stars
Gale gave this build 5 stars • August 2016
Fantastic support potential that shines in mirror or balanced compositions. It's very flexible and carries several viable build variants to augment any party - in addition to the druid support staples. The only real drawback is that it possesses less healing than power-based Druid builds and struggles if the team eats lots of spike damage.
5 stars
Paprikaspice gave this build 5 stars • March 2016
Relative to other condi classes, this brings poor personal dps but more than makes up for it with unique and amazing group buffs that dont duplicate with a second druid. Spirit buffs for 10 instead of 5, more stacks of gotl and on sab, more spotter. Also has decent healing. I dont see why you would take alignment over frost spirit though
5 stars
XDeadzX gave this build 5 stars • February 2016
A great DPS build, but seriously lacking during movement phases. Swapping to shortbow loses about 30% DPS in my testing, but it beats axe/torch at movement. Not better than a few other classes for movement (a good aiming engi, necro) Super doable for Sabetha, mostly for gors, but not great for VG. It does bring a bunch of great buffs for the party, so that's a huge plus group wide.
5 stars
Octavianrb gave this build 5 stars • February 2016
Much better than the power version of the offensive druid. Higher DPS, and more versatile. Probably not ideal for VG, but really shines on Gorseval and Sabetha. I would add a note about shortbow for purposes of kiting Sab.
5 stars
Chase gave this build 5 stars • February 2016
Much easier than engi but still high enough DPS to get the job done. Healing is a bit harder but totally do-able and the rotation becomes a lot easier with some practice and learning which skills/weapon swaps are important to do and when.
5 stars
Nike gave this build 5 stars • February 2016
Definitely a step up from Berserker druid in DPS. Should be tagged as meta.
5 stars
DEKeyz2Chaos gave this build 5 stars • February 2016
Pretty strong damage as long as your group can survive low heals. A solid raid team can get through raid wing 1 with double condi druids as healers.


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