Vindicator - Power DPS

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Direct damage

Designed for: Raids and Fractals

Expansions required: End of Dragons builds

This build was last updated on September 01, 2023 and is up to date for the September 19, 2023 game patch.


Like Daredevil before it, DPS Vindicator turns its dodge into a powerful strike that buffs its damage but unlike Daredevil, it only needs its endurance to not be full, so it is able to keep a dodge in hand for defence. Greatsword also brings with it , which makes Vindicator a durable fighter.

Both Swords and add relatively minor DPS to the build, which allow Vindicator to bring and/or a Staff and thereby dramatically increase the utility it brings to a group.

Skill Bar



  • Legendary Dwarf Stance can be used instead of Legendary Alliance Stance, offering very similar DPS and different utility.
  • You can also opt to camp Greatsword. This is a small DPS loss, and allows you to bring a utility weapon like Staff in your other set.

Template Code

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  • would be a good option if you are not permanently at 25 Might Might.


  • is a tiny DPS loss.
  • The backpiece is a tiny DPS gain, but gives you a little bit of extra vitality. It can be swapped to Berserker stats Berserker stats without any noticeable difference.



  • or ascended versions



Rotation Fundamentals

As a revenant, Vindicator wants to constantly swap between two legends to regain the energy needed for their skills.

Vindicator also wants to regularly dodge to maintain two powerful buffs:

  • gives you a damage buff whenever your endurance is not full.
  • gives you a damage buff for 10 seconds after dodging, as well as making your dodge deal damage.

To make best use out of these buffs, you want to make sure to dodge before reaching full endurance, and at least every 10 seconds. With , you refill enough endurance for a dodge every ~5.7s (assuming permanent Vigor Vigor), so you will be dodging a lot!

Be aware that this creates small windows where you don't have enough endurance to dodge attacks. With experience, you can learn to time your dodges around incoming mechanics, but each weapon set also has some active defence that you can use instead:

  • On Greatsword, .
  • On Sword, .

Beginner Rotation

The rotation can be greatly simplified from the one below by camping Greatsword and using instead of . This setup also allows you to bring a Staff in your other set to give access to the potent - one of the best CC skills in the game.

Both and have a single upkeep skill that you want to toggle on as soon as you swap:

  • on
  • on

Otherwise, you want to dodge as often as needed to prevent yourself reaching maximum endurance, and use the following Greatsword skills off cooldown:

Legend Swap whenever you are low on energy.

Video guide by Masel



Start in on Greatsword

  1. as soon as you land
  2. Weapon Swap Weapon Swap

Assassin/Sword Loop

  1. - activate during Chilling Isolation, if you are fast enough Eternity's Requiem will still be hitting
  2. Autoattack, use as it comes off cooldown, and use to prevent yourself reaching full endurance - try to finish the autoattack chains. You should use Chilling Isolation three times and Death Drop twice.
  3. after your third
  4. Weapon Swap Weapon Swap

Alliance/Greatsword Loop
After the first five steps, this you are mostly just using skills as they come off cooldown, fitting autoattack chains in the gaps.

  1. Weapon Swap Weapon Swap
  2. Return to start of Assassin/Sword Loop

Video example

Video example (greatsword only)

Video example (greatsword only + Jalis)

General tips

  • You may wish to dodge twice at the start of the rotation to give yourself more breathing room to avoid reaching full endurance. This will leave you without any ability to dodge for defence though.
    • In this case, you will need to rely on your weapon skills instead: on Greatsword, and on Sword.
  • In extreme cases, you can use to access the second Alliance legend and provide support to your group.

Crowd Control

Accessing CC can be difficult on revenants as CC skills cost energy that you should have been spending on damage instead. Nevertheless, each legend has one skill:

  • On , - this is a very expensive skill and you will usually need to plan ahead if you want the energy to use it.
  • On , .
  • On , .

On the Greatsword only rotation, you can use Staff as your second weapon set. This doesn't provide any damage, but gives you access to , which is one of the best CC skills in the game. In general, the DPS loss isn't worth swapping to Staff in the middle of a fight but there are some cases where this is mitigated:

  • Many fractal bosses start with an open defiance bar, so you can start on Staff then immediately swap to Greatsword after using and continue your rotation as normal.
    • The same logic applies to bosses that end a phase with a defiance bar, such as Keep Construct or Amala.
  • Some bosses will be invulnerable while their breakbars are active. If you pre-emptively swap to Staff after your big DPS skills, you can minimise the DPS downtime.
    • Raid examples: Slothasor, Samarog, Sabir.
  • It will always be worth sacrificing damage if it would prevent a wipe.
  • It will almost always be worth sacrificing damage if it would save another player's life.


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 5 votes.
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5 stars
XenoNightingale gave this build 5 stars • January 2023
Great build but I would rather use salvation than devastation for better sustain. Better survivability and sustainability of boons, which provides a barrier every few seconds. Overall, it is a great class and build, very easy to use and master once you get a better grasp of understanding of your rotation since dodge is now a part of your rotation.
5 stars
Zamot gave this build 5 stars • December 2022
While in large hitbox bosses the GS go better the sword is there for little ones, this build is good and easy to understand I'm playing with dwarf, but I am going to test with aliance legend soon. for beginners is excellent build because you can use Dwarf legend instead alliance until you have all HP needed, and this build can be used in Open World with just peculiar difference. You can play all around with just little changes and play nice, very fun to play. I vote 5 stars on it .
4 stars
OfficerAndyGentleman gave this build 4 stars • November 2022
Strong power DPS that performs even better against large hitbox bosses. The relative weakness of swords and alliance stance means that your can easily bring Jalis and Staff and offer some pretty great utility to the group as well.
5 stars
Noshami gave this build 5 stars • September 2022
Solid 4, maybe mid to 5. While it's a good build, the only real downside to it is the time investment needed to adjust to some seemingly minor surface changes: Dodge (V) is now part of your rotation, and you must use Greatsword 4 / Sword 3 as your defensive utilities (Block and Evade frames respectively). Sword 3 is risky when there are lingering damage effects scattered around the environment, more-so when the target is mobile, and is low-DPS effective when multiple targets are presented even with Impossible Odds channeled. This build works more than fine if you need a pDPS slot filled in your fractals/raid groups. Edit: I'm updating this to 5 stars for a number of reasons: There's decent support utility via Saint Viktor in the Alliance stance in the form of subgroup stunbreaks and a spammable condi cleanse as well as off-healing that's pretty robust without investing anything into Healing Power. Regardless if you go GS/Sw-Sw or GS/Staff, you have a lot of Defiance break and a slew of CCs and engagement approaches. While there are pDPS elite specializations that can offer different or a wider array of team utility skills, the Vindicator's versatility in approaching different mechanics (defensive use of the Dodge, as well as solid evade frames and GS4's block mechanic) all slide it into the 5 star category for me.
5 stars
NJ gave this build 5 stars • July 2022
Super Nice Build, Normally Not A Fan Of Power DPS, But This is Really Nice. It's Also Usefull For Movement And Quickly Getting To Places. Would 100% Recommend This Build!


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