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Your rating on Build:Druid_-_Support_Druid was deleted, please read the rating guidelines and keep in mind that the rating section is not the comment section. Your review was:

While Druid is very strong right now, this build is questionable. Krytan Drakehound and Brown Bear should be used in the pet slots. If you need stealth blasting, drop one. Druid should be 111 because the might uptime and burying stab/resist is significantly more relevant than a marginal increase in healing. Nature Magic isn't worth running and should be replaced with Wilderness Survival. Drop Glyph of Unity and "Protect Me" for Muddy Terrain and Lightning Reflexes. In Wilderness survival, run 132. Running meme glyphs is griefing on a class with this much immob. The sigils are probably fine but I prefer renewal/transference because I'm usually weapon swapping when I need to trigger quickdraw or get in/out of CA and not when I need to get some extra energy, so energy is wasted.

I changed/added as variants some of the things in your comment, but keep in mind that the zerg section builds are designed for large groups where other things you said are less applicable than they would be at smaller group sizes.

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