Catalyst - D/D Duelist

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Direct damage and Sustain

Designed for: PvP Conquest

Expansions required: End of Dragons builds

This build was last updated on September 14, 2023 and is up to date for the September 12, 2023 game patch.


D/D Elementalist makes a return with a bunch of shiny new tools. A duelist build with good sustain.

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  • over - sacrifices mobility to make the build more tanky.

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Elite specialization basics

  • Catalysts gain access to Deploy Jade Sphere which drops an AoE combo field with pulsing boons depending on the attunement they were used in.
  • The Jade Sphere costs energy to deploy, you build energy by hitting enemies or swapping attunements thanks to .
  • Jade Spheres are instant and can be used while casting skills or sitting in a CC.


  • Because of you should almost always be casting something for the passive healing, even if it's just an autoattack that's not even hitting anything. An exception to this would be having high enough Confusion Confusion stacks in which case you'd take more damage then the signet could heal.
  • (the elite) is used mainly to reset the CD of skills 3-5 of a given attunement:
    • Water for cleansing and healing.
    • Air for CC and an excellent mobility tool.
    • Earth for CC and combo finishers.
    • Fire for raw damage, combo fields and an evade frame with some mobility.
  • Jade Spheres do insignificant damage, but that can still be useful because these are instant skills. Dropping a new sphere to remove Aegis Aegis from an enemy or consume Blind Blind on yourself right as you're about to land an important attack can make all the difference.


  • You gain Stability Stability and cleanse 1 condition whenever you gain an aura thanks to and .
  • grants an aura based on your current element when you execute a combo.
  • The spread of combo finishers on D/D isn't optimal for aura stacking with Elemental Epitome - Fire and Air don't have any while Earth has 4 (skills 3-5 + the dodge from ). This however can be remedied with good timing and a little bit of creativity by switching attunements at the right moment, causing some finishers to land in a different attunement.
  • Some examples for spreading out your finishers inside the Jade Sphere:
    • Cast then quickly swap to Air to end up with a .
    • Dodge on Earth inside a Jade Sphere for , use but swap to Water before the animation ends for a . Cast but immediately swap to Air for a Shocking Aura.
  • Aura combos like this from can only happen once every 10 seconds per attunement, so while it's possible to swap attunements for a different aura keep the CD in mind! There's no point in carrying a finisher from earth to combo on water if you were going to use on water anyway.
  • There are also some less complicated ways of obtaining auras. Water #4 and Air #3 are skills that directly apply auras (and flip over into a chain skill which lets you transmute them for extra effects or more cleansing via ). Another easy one is to simply swap to for a proc. These are all instant and can even be done while casting skills or sitting in a CC, preventing enemies from piling more CCs onto you.
  • Combo finishers in the build:
    • Water's .
    • Earth's skills 3-5 and the first dodge you perform after swapping to this element.
  • As the Jade Sphere is instant you could even drop a combo field in the middle of your dodge in Earth to obtain an aura.


  • Fire is where most of the damage comes from, followed by Air, Earth, and finally Water.
  • and can both do good damage without any real setup.
  • is a quick attack that drops a combo field and could quickly get some Burning on enemies to set up Fire Grab.
  • should only be used on burning foes as it does significantly more damage that way.
  • , and are more on the filler side of things in terms of pure damage but they are quite useful in their own right and much more versatile than most Fire skills.
  • Air's Jade Sphere grants Quickness Quickness which increases your DPS in general. This combined with spam can dish out some decent damage especially against downed and CC'd enemies.
  • , and are all great CC tools for setting up burst.
  • hits hard but can be rather difficult to land. If you're going for a Churning Earth then try to do it right before or after dropping the Jade Sphere on Air for the Quickness Quickness. Another thing you could do is start channeling the skill from out of range and teleport in with in the last moment. In a 1v1 this is way too obvious but in a larger fight people might not see it coming.


  • Water and Earth are the most defensive elements here as usual, but Fire and Air have a couple of defensive CDs as well such as evade frames on and .
  • Simply swapping to Earth can already help you out against direct damage as you'll gain Protection Protection from . Earth Jade Sphere grants the same boon plus Resistance Resistance.
  • Water is the best element if you want to cleanse or heal.
  • is a simple but effective heal that also cleanses conditions. A lesser version of this skill procs on your first dodge after entering Water Attunement, healing for a similar amount but only cleansing 1 condition.
    • Both of these are AoE skills so if you see an ally in need you can provide some support for your team.
  • 's passive mitigates direct damage while transmuting it (using the chain skill) cleanses 2 conditions.
  • is still a good heal but slower than the other skills, making it worse in emergency situations.
  • Water Attunement's Jade Sphere is, you guessed it, a Water field. While you can blast it for AoE healing with , it's best used shortly before switching to Earth where most of your combo finishers are. Unloading Earth 3-4 + the dodge is a great way of recovering a large chunk of health. The sphere itself pulses Resolution Resolution to help mitigate condition pressure.
  • is the only stun break in the build so use it wisely, but all the Stability synergy with the auras should help you deal with CC.
  • When damage starts to overwhelm you D/D offers quite a few escape tools. Most obvious one is , just make sure you don't have an enemy targeted. Chaining into would be a good idea too, these are 2 mobility skills with evade frames that also have combo synergy - Burning Speed leaves behind a fire field while Earthen Rush is a leap finisher. This results in both a Fire Aura and a Magnetic Aura!
  • is a low CD anti-projectile skill.
  • is for buying time and surviving heavy pressure. With a block, a Magnetic Aura, a CC and an invulnerability frame this could bridge the gap in your defenses until your other CDs come back up or help arrives.

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This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 2 votes.
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5 stars
Velkix gave this build 5 stars • May 2023
High kill potential in a 1v1 fight. Solid duelist build, but it is not good at team fights. Try to 1v1 and take the number advantage. You have strong mobility to rotate.
5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars • October 2022
This and the hammer version are two sides of the same coin, very similar builds with a similar power level. Excellent damage and sustain, decent mobility. Very solid in the current meta and fans of the old D/D cele ele will be enjoying this one a lot.


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