Untamed - Celestial Brilliance Roamer

The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good

Focused on: Hybrid damage and Sustain

Designed for: WvW Roaming

Expansions required: Heart of Thorns buildsPath of Fire BuildsEnd of Dragons buildsSecrets of the Obscure builds

This build was last updated on May 31, 2024 and is up to date for the May 21, 2024 patch.


A Celestial Untamed build for WvW roaming, borrowing Staff from Druid and Dagger from Soulbeast in order to gain Solar Brilliance and Neurotoxin Burst as powerful new unleash skills. High sustain, medium damage.

This build's made possible by SotO's weaponmaster training which allows Rangers to use any elite spec weapon.

Skill Bar

Rock Gazelle

Skill Variants


  • Signet of Renewal over Signet of Stone - passive healing plus a stunbreak and mass cleanse instead of defense against strike damage.


Rock Gazelle Rock Gazelle can be replaced by:

  • Spinegazer Spinegazer - solid damage and some boon corruption.
  • Electric Wyvern Electric Wyvern - mainly an offensive option with CC and damage but also drops a field for Swiftness Swiftness stacking with Blast finishers or Daze Daze spamming with Leap finishers.
  • Jacaranda Jacaranda - offensive option with AoE damage and some CC.

Template Code

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  • Corrupting Vines makes you better at fighting boon-based bunker builds if you can give up some defense against conditions.




Although the build doesn't really make use of the Poison Poison procs on CC offered by Demon Queen, it's still quite a strong relic because of the healing reduction which is rather useful against other high-sustain specs. However if you want to focus even more on survivability, there are other viable options too:

  • Relic of Evasion - permanent Vigor Vigor uptime to fuel your dodges, which also increases your healing, boon uptime, and condition cleansing through various trait synergies.
  • Relic of Nayos - this relic adds plenty of extra healing to the build when combined with Evasive Purity and Sigil of Superior Sigil of Cleansing.


  • Rune of Superior Rune of the Sunless - slightly more defensive version of Trapper, fairly cheap and doesn't require crafting.


Elite specialization basics

  • Untamed Untamed Rangers have more control over their pets than regular Rangers, allowing them to manually control their pet's 3 special attacks.
  • Unleash is the central mechanic of Untamed. At any given time either you or your pet is in the Unleashed state, and you get to flip back and forth on a 1s CD.
  • When you're unleashed, your first autoattack is empowered. Staff's turns into Solar Brilliance while Dagger's becomes Neurotoxin Burst. Unleashing yourself makes you deal more damage.
  • Unleashing the pet grants you damage reduction while their pet skills flip over to new ones:
    • F1 becomes Venomous Outburst
    • F2 becomes Rending Vines
    • F3 becomes Enveloping Haze


  • Dodge rolling is the most important part of your survivability and not only for obvious reasons. From traits you get Protection Protection (which also heals you every second) and remove 1 condition whenever you dodge, turning this mechanic into a great way of recovering from taking damage if you failed to prevent it.
  • Cleansing Unleash makes your Unleash ability remove 2 conditions every 10 seconds.
  • While Ancestral Grace is a great mobility tool that could help you chase or escape, if it's the healing you want then always try to land on top of your pet as healing an ally reduces the recharge of this skill.
  • Mutate Conditions is for emergencies in case condition damage is starting to overwhelm you. Consider disengaging/repositioning right after or following up with Stealth Stealth so you have some time to recover. It's also a stun break.
  • "Protect Me!" is both a stun break and an excellent skill for damage mitigation. Hold onto it in case you get stunned if Mutate Conditions is on CD, otherwise you get to use it a bit more freely.
  • Forest's Fortification is one of your best survival tools but also one that has good synergy with your more offensive abilities because of the CD reduction part. Skills like Solar Brilliance that can strike several enemies multiple times in just a few seconds can drastically reduce the CD of the elite.
  • Venomous Outburst is great for repositioning your pet and making sure they can't be kited.
  • Rending Vines applies Slow Slow but only if the target is CC'd. It's still useful for preventing them from counterpressuring you after the CC.
  • Enveloping Haze destroys projectiles while the Chill Chill makes it easy for you to kite enemies caught in it.
  • Perilous Gift heals more the lower your HP is, so it's worth holding onto until you get really low. As the skill negates incoming damage after being used you don't have to worry about using it on low HP, but you do have to worry about CC - if you greed and try to use it on 2-3k HP but get interrupted then you're probably going to die. Taking risks can pay off with this skill but always consider the situation you're in and what other CDs are available, Signet of Stone for instance could bail you out against Power-based specs if you eat a stun at low HP so you're allowed to be more greedy when SoS is up.


  • Dagger/Dagger is your more dangerous set, Staff is mostly defensive by nature.
  • Neurotoxin Burst is the strongest skill on this set, it's a ranged gapcloser with decent damage and good condition variety. Always unleash yourself when you swap weapons because Let Loose lets you use the ambush attacks right away.
  • Instinctive Engage is good at setting up other skills like Double Arc because of the Quickness Quickness.
  • Stalker's Strike is best used after Crippling Talon because it deals extra damage to movement-impaired enemies.
  • On Staff the skills deal almost negligible damage, Solar Brilliance combined with the auto spam is the best you can do.
  • Gazelle is mostly taken for the CC skills.

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This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 2 votes.
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3 stars
Maggywaggy gave this build 3 stars • June 2024
This build as it is, is extremely weighted towards defense and is very strong in that regard. In my play testing I found it to be able to do a surprising amount of Condition burst IF the skills hit, but as it stands with Staff as the secondary, it's condition application is limited and the power damage from Daggers feels lacking. A minor change that I did to great success is swapping staff for Axe/Warhorn. The addition of Axe mainhand added a lot of additional Condi application and took advantage of the Celestial stats power a bit better than the daggers did. It also made "Let Loose" much more impactful of a trait at the loss of mobility and self healing. Given the already extremely defensive nature of the build, I think the swap is justified, but the build does function as is, even if it lacks kill potential.
4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars • June 2024
Sustain's really good but I think the damage is too low in WvW, especially now that Anet took away the best Fury source of the build. High sustain builds might simply outlast or stalemate this one but against burst builds this shouldn't lose.


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