Deadeye - Power Deadeye

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Strike damage

Designed for: Open World and Open World General

Expansions required: Path of Fire Builds

This build was last updated on September 01, 2023 and is up to date for the June 27, 2023 game patch.


Power deadeye focuses on the use of dagger and rifle. The build revolves around marking a target for assassination with , and striking it to generate 7 Malice to regain initiative and get lots of boons, most notably permanent 25 Might Might and Fury Fury. That Malice is then consumed to empower the Stealth Attacks or to inflict massive damage. The build makes frequent use of short bursts of Stealth Stealth, has good mobility, and is very fast paced.

Its main downside is that it has extremely low amounts of cleave/AoE damage, and is relatively fragile.

The build works best against veteran enemies and bosses, and has no trouble deleting trash mobs. With some trait changes, it can also work great at killing large groups of trash mobs, though Pistol Pistol Payback Deadeye works best for that.

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Skill Bar


Weapon Variants

  • Always keep a shortbow in your inventory should you need it for tagging events.
  • You can replace either weapon with Staff Staff for more AoE damage if you have unlocked Weaponmaster Training with Secrets of the Obscure.

Skill variants

Heal Skill

  • - condi cleanse and huge heal.

Utility skills

provides both Stealth Stealth and melee range Crowd Control (CC). is an offensive stun break. provides AoE damage. Other options can be considered should the situation require it.

  • - if you need boon removal. It also applies a good amount of vulnerability.
  • - defensive stun break with Stealth. If you're going to focus on using rifle, replace Haste with this skill.
  • - very situational. Extremely good for pulling the bomb in Battle in Tarir south lane meta event.
  • - amazing mobility plus stunbreak and condi cleanse.
  • - long duration of stealth for channelling Hero Challenges.
  • - if conditions are a problem, though its passive precision is not needed due to .

Elite Skill

  • - a 4 second evade.
  • - strong crowd control if there are allies nearby.
  • - stealth, good option if you're going to focus on using rifle.


  • - a little bit of sustain.


When fighting large groups of trash mobs that die before you can even build 7 malice, you should replace Deadly Arts with Trickery and for .

You gain lots of boons when using Deadeye's Mark, and it refreshes after killing the trash mob so you can use it again, ensuring a high uptime of these boons. Obviously, triggering Maleficent Seven is better than this, so only use this playstyle when enemies die so quickly that you cannot reach 7 Malice. For a build focused on killing trash mobs see: Pistol Pistol Payback Deadeye.


Ascended gear and stat infusions are not required; you can use exotic gear with the same stats.
This set uses gear similar to Daredevil - Power DPS, making it excellent for general PVE.


  • and are interchangeable.
  • is also a great option for more burst damage.
  • Other relics include , , , , and .
  • For defense, equip the highest tier Jade Core you can afford. Use defensive food, traits, or skills if required. If necessary, use Knight Knight trinkets.


Budget consumables are acceptable for use in open world.


  • Prioritize Steak Ascended food.
  • /
  • /



  • Prioritize Steak Ascended food.
  • /
  • (and variants)



This build focuses on marking your target with to build 7 Malice and assassinate them with or . Every attack that you make against a Marked target generates 1 Malice, and 1 additional Malice if the attack is a critical strike, so this build really wants to have 100% critical chance. Thankfully, and help with that. Marking the target is extremely important, not only to start generating Malice with your attacks, but also because you deal increased damage to them, and take less damage from them, thanks to . Killing the target refreshes the cooldown of Deadeye's Mark thanks to .

Reaching 7 Malice provides a plethora of boons through , most notably Might Might and Fury Fury. This synergyses amazingly well with . You also apply a few conditions on your enemy through , , , , and , which synergyses with . This trait becomes even better when playing in groups, as nearby players will be applying more conditions to the enemy.

This build makes frequent use of Stealth Stealth, for short durations, to deal damage with the very strong stealth attacks or . Your sources of stealth range from stolen skills used above 5 Malice, to your utility skills and your weapon skill . If you're going to focus extensively on using the rifle weapon, consider using the trait and the elite skill for more stealth.



  • is your highest damage ability, but it can only be used from Stealth Stealth as it is the dagger's Stealth Attack. Always strike from behind and build some malice (preferably 7) before using it to massively increase its damage.
  • is your highest damage skill and best malice generator against enemies above 50% HP.
  • is your highest damage skill and best malice generator against enemies below 50% HP.
  • to gain stealth to use
Rotation opener
  1. X3 (if above 50% hp) / X3 (if below 50% hp)
  2. Stolen Skill
  3. x2 (if above 50% hp) / X2 (if below 50% hp)
  4. -> ->
  1. x2 (if above 50% hp) / X2 (if below 50% hp)
  2. -> ->
  • When comes off cooldown, use it when you enter stealth, then use and continue with the loop.
  • Be careful not to use while Revealed Revealed. That's why the rotation includes an auto attack chain.


Rifle features the same damage as dagger. It has 0 cleave/AoE damage, but can attack from 1500 range.

  • is your highest damage ability, but it can only be used from Stealth Stealth as it is the rifle's Stealth Attack. Always build some malice (preferably 7) before using it to massively increase its damage.
  • - is your highest damage skill and provides Might Might
Rotation opener
  1. X3
  2. Stealth Stealth
  1. X3
  2. Stealth Stealth

Sources of stealth

Mastery of this build requires management of your sources of Stealth Stealth, which are the only way to fire your Stealth Attack to reset your initiative. While dagger/dagger has that covered with , rifle will require you to use other sources of Stealth.

  • Stolen skill - casting your stolen skill while at 5 Malice or above will stealth you for 3 seconds. As we're using , try to use it only at 7 Malice. In long fights, make sure to use the stolen skill before Deadeye's Mark becomes available again, as stolen skills do not stack.
  • provides 3 seconds of stealth. Low priority as you might need to use this for CC. Requires valid path to target to cast. Note that this will launch launch your target away, so when using dagger/dagger make sure to run behind them before using .
  • should be considered if you're going to focus on the rifle weapon. With this trait, dodging while wielding a rifle stealths you for 3 seconds. As it has no cooldown, this is only limited by your endurance, and this build has permanent Vigor Vigor. Nevertheless, remember to save at least one bar of endurance to dodge incoming attacks.
  • should be considered if you're going to focus on the rifle weapon. As it has 2 charges, this is the first stealth skill you want to use. The first charge will recharge as you still have access to a second charge should you need it.


  • inflicts Revealed Revealed when cast, so it will always make use of .
  • Try to stay above 90% health to benefit from , (75%), and .
  • When fighting bosses in a group, try to attack from behind to benefit from .
  • If using Action Camera, they keybind "Look Behind" can be used while casting to quickly and seamlessly jump forward.
    • if you don't use action camera, you will have to stop running, turn your character, cast the skill, turn the character again, and resume running. The keybind "About Face" can help with that.
  • Use to destroy dangerous projectile attacks like the volley of arrows from the Tengu Hero Point in Auric Basin.
  • deals damage before teleporting. If you are in Stealth Stealth, it will reveal you.
  • and will only deal their bonus damage from Malice against the Marked target. Marking target A and building 7 Malice but then using the Stealth Attack on target B will not consume Malice nor deal bonus damage.
  • lasts 30 seconds, but you are never letting it run out as casting this gives you access to a stolen skill which are a necessary source of stealth.
  • can be used as an emergency evade.
  • bounces between enemies. When fighting groups of enemies, be careful not to Stealth too soon after casting it, or the dagger will bounce and reveal you before you can use the Stealth Attack.
  • is a leap finisher. If you leap through a smoke field, you will gain 3 seconds of Stealth Stealth. If it strikes anything, you will be Revealed Revealed, which will ruin your rotation. The pistol/pistol thief from can create a smoke field, so watch out for that.


This build severely lacks defense, and relies on killing enemies before they can deal much damage.

  • provides okayish sustain, especially since this build has permanent Fury Fury.
  • You have several sources of stealth, which allow for repositioning or disengaging.
  • Remember that you can always kill enemies with while running away, and they won't even come close to you.

Crowd Control

  • If you need more crowd control you can use , or , or .

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5 stars
Warming Hearth gave this build 5 stars • April 2023
Great burst and sustained damage. Maintains permanent 25 might and fury even when soloing. Decent mobility. Doesn't run out of initiative when fighting high health enemies. Also good at killing trash mobs by changing a traitline. All in all, a great build. Its only downside is the complete lack of AoE damage.
5 stars
InfernalStigma gave this build 5 stars • May 2022
Easyliy one of my favorite builds. Im using this build with dual pistols and rifle as secondary (mainly for stealth dodge and stamina Regen) And it performs absurdingly well in open world, hero challenges, solo roaming, events etc. Pros: -Very good DPS -good sustain -very good dodge/stealth capabilities -fast clearing speed -easy to play and easy to master -beginner friendly Cons: -low HP if only on berserk, few challenges might make one struggle if the boss Hits hard -might struggle with a few selected boss Attack who chase the Player even when in stealth -Lack of AOE (altought the fast killin and High dmg makes abit up for it)
5 stars
Onlywrin gave this build 5 stars • March 2021
Easily one of my top-3 favorite roaming builds due to Thief's versatility and this build's overall "feel". High damage and significant boons combined with infinite mobility make it crazy fun to play, and perm blinds means it's basically immortal against sub-champ mobs. Seriously fun build.


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