Willbender - Radiant Swordbender

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Strike damage and Mobility

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on April 28, 2024 and is up to date for the March 19, 2024 patch.


A glass cannon PvP Power Willbender build that's all about massive burst damage (with ~100% crit chance when fully buffed) and exceptionally high mobility to chase down any target or avoid damage. Willbender is sometimes referred to as "blue Thief" due to the similarities in playstyle.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • Reversal of Fortune - worse cleansing but it might work better under pressure due to the lower cast time (assuming it blocks an attack). The same's true the other way around, this could let you quickly recover some health while pressuring targets without skipping a beat. Both healing skills are popular options.


  • "Feel My Wrath!" - this is seen a less competitive and thus much less popular, but the Quickness Quickness could help you deliver burst damage while also buffing your team. Relic of the Sunless is often used with this elite for even stronger bursts.

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  • Resolution Resolution increases your critical strike chance by 40% via Righteous Instincts, pushing it near the crit cap while you have this boon. Always try to maintain Resolution or at least apply it before bursts.
    • Every Virtue and shadowstep (teleport) grants Resolution Resolution from the traits Vanguard Tactics and Virtue of Resolution. Most of the time these skills are part of your burst combos so you don't have to worry too much about maintaining this boon.
  • Every Virtue skill is a mobility skill on Willbender. Besides their base functionality they are great for sticking to targets or escaping damage.
  • Rushing Justice is refreshed after each kill so make sure you always have it on cooldown right before a kill. Using it also applies AoE Blind Blind which can be useful for stomping or making high priority skills miss. It's also one of the hardest hitting skills in the build.
  • Try to burn through all of your virtues before resorting to Renewed Focus. RF is a great skill to use if you're being focues by the enemy team and you don't have any CDs left. Just keep in mind that this skill makes you lose capture point contribution for its duration.
  • One of Willbender's greatest strengths is its mobility:
    • Every virtue skill is a mobility skill.
    • Both weapon sets have either teleports or leaps. Most of the teleports require a target, but you can get creative with that by doing things like selecting a far away enemy target and spamming teleports to get across the map faster, or selecting objects such as a Trebuchet on Battle of Kyhlo to leave enemies behind.
    • Advancing Strike is a good mobility skill even without a target as it makes you dash forward.
  • Blind Blinds are important even when bursting targets as Blind spam prevents them from counterpressuring you. Symbol of Blades, Leap of Faith and Rushing Justice all apply this condition on top of doing great damage. Whirling Light could fill a similar role as the Weakness Weakness is great for mitigating incoming damage while also pressuring opponents.
  • Crashing Courage grants you Stability Stability and Resistance Resistance (among other things) which allow you to ignore CC and debilitating conditions like Weakness Weakness while bursting targets. Being a shadowstep (teleport) skill it could also reposition you right on top of your target so that you may follow up with Whirling Wrath or Whirling Light immediately for burst damage.


  • The main source of burst damage here comes from the the offhand skills:
    • Advancing Strike deals good damage and sets up your next attack perfectly with Immobilize Immobilize and Resolution Resolution (it's a shadowstep).
    • Executioner's Calling is the hardest hitting skill on this set and combos well with Advancing Strike.
  • Zealot's Defense is both defensive and offensive, deals solid damage while destroying enemy projectiles. Note that the damage of this skill can be very unreliable in anything but melee range. Advancing Strike is a good setup for this too.
  • Symbol of Blades has many uses: vertical mobility via teleportation, symbol for cleaving, Blind Blind to make an important skill miss, or a combo field which can be used to combo Light Aura Light Aura with a leap finisher.


  • Whirling Wrath is the main burst skill on this set, make sure that it lands - do an unexpected ranged burst with Judge's Intervention, or use it after pulling targets in with Binding Blade.
  • When in combat, always try to combo Leap of Faith in a Light field such as Symbol of Wrath for Light Aura Light Aura. Few things to note when using this for mobility:
    • If you're OOC (out of combat), swap weapons just before the leap finishes in order to cancel the final part of the skill which would otherwise bring you to a halt.
    • In combat this can be used for jumping away from the fight to avoid damage. To do that simply just detarget (click anywhere on your screen that's not an enemy player) before using the skill, and make sure that auto-targetting is disabled.
  • Binding Blade is useful even when the target has Stability Stability and thus cannot be pulled. The damage over time part of this skill is decent, and you could time it in a way that the target's stability runs out before Binding Blade does, allowing you to pull them in later. Note: while the initial projectile itself can be dodged, once the blades are attached you can pull targets out of any kind of evade frame! The blades also seek out enemies even if they are Stealth Stealthed.

Ranged burst combo example

  1. If possible, have an active Aegis Aegis to gain the damage bonus fromUnscathed Contender.
  2. Weapon Swap to GS if you're not already on it (in combat this also procs your sigils).
  3. Whirling Wrath - start casting it from range.
  4. Judge's Intervention to teleport to the target right before WW starts doing damage.


  • The build is rather squishy, Willbender relies heavily on its mobility to avoid damage, jumping in and out of fights to deliver burst damage while keeping melee contact to a minimum.
  • Flowing Resolve is an excellent reactive skill which cleanses several conditions and even has an evade frame in case you need to dodge something but don't have the endurance.
  • Signet of Resolve is worth holding onto for its passive in order to get free condition cleansing, but don't hesitate to use it on low health (and even its active can cleanse conditions).
  • If taken Reversal of Fortune (your healing skill) is best used when an attack is already coming your way or you're absolutely certain that you're going to be hit in order to get maximum healing (and block value) out of it. If you're not being focused but want to heal consider moving briefly into an enemy AoE skill.
  • Contemplation of Purity is a purely defensive stun break and your best answer against an overwhelming amount of conditions. Usually a last resort for when you're heavily pressured and other options don't cut it anymore.
  • Crashing Courage is an excellent and versatile defensive skill. Short CD, breaks stuns, grants boons, it's also a ground targeted ranged teleport which adds a lot of vertical mobility to the build. Leaving attackers behind while teleporting to the highground can save your life. As with most Willbender skills, it's not purely defensive - the AoE it leaves behind upon landing is a good source of cleave damage too, so you could sacrifice this skill to chase or pressure targets if you're fine with giving up a defensive CD.
  • Judge's Intervention is also a stun break but most of the time it'll be used to execute burst combos from range. Worth holding onto for defensive purposes when every other stun break is on CD though.
  • As long as you have Renewed Focus you're somewhat safe. It's an incredibly powerful defensive skill which grants you immunity to incoming damage and CC (other than fall damage) when under heavy pressure, and refreshes all of your Virtues which could either help you stay alive longer or run away.

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This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 14 votes.
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5 stars
PumpIt gave this build 5 stars • December 2023
From-Space mobility & does everything. Great cleave and boons. Beware of things with multi-hit unblockable spam. But you should be able to take apart / kite just about anything in the game rn. Brawler relic makes this kinda nuts.
5 stars
Threather gave this build 5 stars • March 2023
Now that virtues stack, this is again top tier build for anyone with fast hands. Signet of Resolve is also viable more offensive teamfighting option. Beats thief in 2vs2 and 1vs1 situations so can give you lot of control off points.
5 stars
Vex gave this build 5 stars • March 2023
The best dps option guardian has. Currently maining it, won't lie sometimes I'm having a hard time but I always have enough damage and map presence to be relevant. Atm Plat 1 but plat 2 seems possible with it too at least for me who's somewhat average. Wish we had some resistance boon from somewhere maybe the heal, that's all I'd like to see improved, something to counter the weakness and blind spam.
4 stars
Brushboss gave this build 4 stars • March 2023
Falls short compared to valor mediwb, both in sustain and overall damage, even with the loss of critcap, though still works as a non-worthless thief alternative
5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars • August 2022
Still great, but the nerfs can be felt. The S+ tier damage and mobility used to compensate for its low sustain, so getting the sustain/mobiity nerfed (F2 losing a charge) AND then hitting the damage too made it lose some of its popularity. Still has great damage, but it's harder to play now and people are gravitating more and more towards other options like Herald.
5 stars
Faler gave this build 5 stars • July 2022
I couldn't tell this got nerfed if it wasn't for me reading the patchnotes. Slap on the wrist at best, still 5/5, still top damage every game. Melts people as always.
5 stars
Barnacle Ed gave this build 5 stars • June 2022
This is a meta-defining build. No spec should have access to this much mobility, burst, and teamfight support - especially while having a low skill floor. Expect it to be nerfed in the next balance pass.
5 stars
Pisellavido gave this build 5 stars • May 2022
You all make me laugh rating this crap 4.8 hahaha This is the most broken spec of all EoD, brainless to play, insane low risk high reward. Voted bad by little guardian mains who don't wanna get nerf this hardcore carrying build. 10/10 damage 10/10 mobility Can take any spvp role on demand, 1vs1, roamer dps, team fighter, +1. Ape tier build which shouldn't be in the great section or even meta, should be Meta+++ Overpowered.
4 stars
Weeaboo ow gave this build 4 stars • May 2022
Great build for beginner pvp players. It doesn't require that much skill, so you can make more mistakes and get away with it. Sadly you have more mobility than a specter, more sustain than spellbreaker and let's not talk about it's ridiculous dmg. It's straight up overpowered and hopefully gets nerfed to the ground, because having 4 willbender in every ranked game (low plat elo) isn't fun.
5 stars
Arklite gave this build 5 stars • May 2022
Ridiculously strong teamfighter/roamer/+1er/sometimes even duelist. Imagine herald but a lot better. Massive damage, decent sustain, provides group condi cleanse and stab, incredible offensive and decent defensive mobility. This will be a meta DPS until balance changes happen.
5 stars
Frostycore gave this build 5 stars • April 2022
Just tried this build for the first time tonight, i've been playing willbender in pve exclusively so i'm pretty familiar with its new skills. This build has high mobility, evasion survivability and damage output. Great build, it can and will be one of the best when mastered.
5 stars
Silven gave this build 5 stars • April 2022
I believe this build will work its way into the current meta purely because of how customisable the weapons are and how well it gels with the meta shout guard + necros. It has high survivability and you can swap out the GS for mace/scep+focus depending on the enemy team comp. You can also keep whirling or change it for smite/SY. There's just so many different options on this I think you can build around your team and the enemy so that you're more effective. Other builds are too rigid to do this.
5 stars
Grimjacke gave this build 5 stars • April 2022
Has way more sustain than DH! Big damage big mobility and the stability access is great, even big stab for your teammates!
5 stars
Asko gave this build 5 stars • April 2022
3° time ive commented 5 stars My another commentary was deleted 3 times. Later ill right edit this and comment everythig again.


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