Farming The Mad Kings Labyrinth


The Mad King's Labyrinth is an event within the Mad King's Realm, which happens every October and is hosted in Lion's Arch. This event is exceedingly popular due to its very high profit potential, though reaching those profits can be a difficult task if not prepared. The purpose of this guide is to provide advice and builds for farming in the Lab to maximize gold gains.

A Note On Player Health

While long farm sessions in the Labyrinth are common and seen as commendable, please always remember to prioritize your personal health.

  • Take breaks often. You should get up and stretch at least once an hour or once every 30 minutes, even if its only for a minute or so. Ideally, get up and walk around for 5-10 minutes every hour or two - Your leg muscles are responsible for a lot of your bloodflow!
  • Stay hydrated! Drinking water and other non-sugary beverages during the Labyrinth can ensure you stay healthy! Also, it can increase your profit/hr by making you more focused.
  • Wrist Stretches. For most folks, doing a few minor wrist stretches once an hour can drastically improve the bloodflow in your hands and help ward off an RSI.
  • Avoid Burnout. We all love our long farm sessions, but burnout is a very real thing and if you feel like you aren't having fun, it may be time to find a different activity for a bit.
  • Bring Friends. The Lab is crazy boring without friends, and boredom is bad for you! Bring along some friends to chat with, or try to make some friends while farming!

Quick Tips

  • Follow the Zerg; the Commander will lead you where you need to go.
  • Do not open any doors without being told to. This can hurt everyone’s profits.
  • Use LFG to find groups!
  • Do not engage with trolls.
  • Low-ish DPS is preferred in the Labyrinth. More on this below.
  • Bring buffs. See the consumables section below.
  • Please do not use mounts to rush ahead of the zerg and avoid using their Engage skills.
  • Revive players before they die.

Recommended Settings

  • Check "AoE Loot on Interact", "Autoloot: Autopickup" and "Autoloot: Quick interact" (requires Advanced Logistics mastery) - without that you will spend too much time picking up the loot
  • Uncheck "Promote Skil Target" so game won't "stick" to one target
  • Uncheck "Stop Autoattacking on Target Change" so you won't stop attacking when changing the target
  • Check "Autotargetting" so the game will choose target you are facing while attacking
  • Check "Allow Skill Retargetting" so your skills won't be canceled when changing the target
  • Turn off Auto-Attack to prevent dealing too much damage to one mob
  • Bind a key to "Autorun" (it makes life easier during hours-long farm)
  • Consider turning on Action Camera

Lab Route

To help yourself and your squad, be familiar with the route. It’s very simple, see below:

Recommended Buffs & Consumables

For the Labyrinth, players are going to want to max out their Magic Find. The best way to do this is to use a combination of Food, Utilities, Boosters, and other buffs in order to get Magic Find as high as possible.


Since the goal of Lab is to make money, running food that boosts profit/hr is preferred over other options.

  • is the second, more specialized option. These will provide the maximum magic find boost from Food possible at 40%. For Labyrinth in particular this food is Optimal.
  • is an excellent choice in general.


Much like Food, we only have a few options here. In this case, however, they're all basically the same.

  • is better by a very slight margin due to its buff, Feline Fury.
  • and are roughly the same. Take your pick!


Boosters are Black Lion items that come from leveling up, map completion, the black lion trading company, and a few other sources. If you have these, you'll probably want to use them:

Other Buffs

Recommended Builds

Below is at least one build per class that will function in the Lab. Note that some builds perform at much higher levels than others and a build’s ability to tag mobs will determine a players gold per hour. The difference between the lowest tier build and higher tier build can be as much as a 30 or 40% difference in gold per hour.

It is worth noting that the builds provided below are meant to be generally applicable. In very advanced groups with a focus on boss doors, it is worth running more specific, adjusted DPS builds which are mentioned further down.

A Note On Power Builds

If your build uses Power gear, such as Berserker stat icon.png Berserker's or Knight stat icon.png Knight's , it is worth removing your trinkets so as to not one-shot the enemies and allow allies to tag as well. It may also be worth using a Masterwork weapon, instead of an Exotic+ one.

S Tier

These builds are the best-in-class at tagging. They are capable of the highest possible bags per hour in the Lab and are widely accepted as the go-to tag builds.

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TagDevil is a fast-paced, mid-range tag build that relies on . The bouncing autos allow it to tag a large number of enemies very quickly, and or can be used to drastically increase either tagging potential or mobility.

This build features both a power and condition variant. The condition variant is highly recommended for groups that are doing boss doors.

GS Mirage

GS Mirage is a comfortable, long-range tag build that relies heavily on Mirage’s Ambush mechanic to trigger . This ability, when combined with , can strike up to three targets on its own, however, it will trigger on each of your clones. In total, this allows you to potentially tag up to 12 enemies with alone, and with good RNG that can be increased to up to 16 enemies with one auto-attack and a well-placed proc.

This build features both a power and condition variant. The condition variant is highly recommended for groups that are doing boss doors.

A Tier

These builds perform quite well in the Labyrinth, though they don’t quite live up to the S-Tier builds. Typically, A-Tier builds sacrifice some tagging capability for an increase in speed or comfort.

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Flamethrower Scrapper

Flamethrower Scrapper is a short-range build that focuses on using to tag enemies. This skill has an extremely short range, however, and so relies on the Scrapper to stay at the very front of the Zerg at all times. In terms of raw tagging potential, this build is actually quite poor during “Laps”, however it makes up for this thanks to its extremely high Superspeed Superspeed generation. With enough Scrappers in a Zerg, this can heavily outweigh the poor tagging potential by drastically increasing the Zerg’s speed and inflating their bags/hour.

Staff Druid

( Consult the Tag variant on the build page above. ) Staff Druid is a long-range tag build that is extremely comfortable to play compared to most other options. It operates using a trick with the “Allow Skill Retargeting” option, which allows to quickly switch targets mid-attack. This build also outputs a moderate amount of Superspeed Superspeed and healing to allies, and can boost ally damage on bosses by stacking Might Might.


TagRen is a mid-range build that plays similarly to TagDevil. It relies heavily on to cover ground quickly, and occasionally may use to make up ground in a very fast group. This build needs to hover near the front of the Zerg due to its 900 range. This build doesn’t bring anything special in terms of tagging, but has extremely high boss DPS which makes it great for groups that are doing boss doors.

This build features both a power and condition variant. The condition variant is highly recommended for groups that are doing boss doors.

B Tier

These builds are only recommended if you do not have access to one of the classes mentioned above, as they typically are lacking in some critical area.

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Tag Tempest

Tag Tempest is a mid-ranged beam-focused tag build. This build functions much like Staff Druid, using Beam Retargeting to rapidly tag a series of enemies using . It is extremely simple to play and very safe, with two powerful group stunbreaks thanks to and Can't find such skill "”Eye of the Storm!”"! Please refer to our skill index.. It also grants a small amount of Superspeed Superspeed!

C Tier

These builds are serviceable in the Labyrinth, though not up to par with other options.

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Condi Scourge

( The build page above does not feature a tagging variant; instead, pay attention to the paragraph below for an explanation on how to use it. ) The standard Condition Scourge build with full Viper stat icon.png Viper's can be a moderately effective tag build in the lab when using specific sigils and runes. Take , Scepter + Torch, and Staff. Your Staff should have a and . This build is mid-ranged thanks to the range on Sand Shade, so hover near the front of the Zerg. Use , auto-attacks, and Marks to tag enemies while mobile, making sure to use your shade skills on mob doors for effective AOE (Do NOT use on mob doors). On bosses, swap to Scepter/Torch for DPS.

With this build, it is worth taking Wells in place of the typical skill bar. Use , , and . Reserve Wells for tagging groups of enemies when your Shade is down.


( Because of the extremely niche nature of this build, we have opted not to provide a full build page for it. ) Condition Firebrand can be a very effective tagging build in certain groups, provided it stays near the front of the Zerg due to its incredibly short range. The way this build functions is through relying on , using Searing Spell (Tome 1) to tag mobs in a very similar manner to Scrapper’s Flamethrower build. This is because will reset its cooldown when an enemy is killed thanks to .

This build falls extremely short on tag potential with just this, however, and must heavily rely on Staff skills like and along with . Since many enemies in the Lab are ranged, can also be used to gain a large number of tags, in addition to Valiant Bulwark. A allows us to use our skills more often.

Where this build shines is in boss damage. Firebrand’s potential damage is extremely high compared to other tag builds, and in groups that are frequently doing bosses it moves up to A-Tier.

A Note On Gear: This build can use any gear with some power and condition damage; preferably gear with Expertise. This includes Celestial stat icon.png Celestial and Marshal stat icon.png Marshal's . Mixing in other gear, such as Plaguedoctor stat icon.png Plaguedoctor's or Seraph stat icon.png Seraph's is also fine. It’s quite flexible.

Sub-Optimal Builds

These builds are not recommended for the Labyrinth, but they are listed here because poor warrior needs at least some kind of love.

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Rather than introduce a full build for Warrior, instead it is recommended to just buy Jezza’s Flamethrower and use with or .

Warrior is extremely poor at tagging, unfortunately, and is not recommended for the Labyrinth.


Pact of the Mad King

The main purpose is to bring in awesome tags for Mad King's Labyrinth during The Shadow of the Mad King's Festival that are easily accessible, and can tag in and out, potentially creating a 24/7 Labyrinth Farm.

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The Overflow Trading Company

This guide was made in partnership with the Overflow Trading Company. You can find their discord Here

Null's Lab Guide

This document is still mostly up-to-date and contains detailed information on the magic find breakdown, as well as an alternative take on build recommendations. It is full of very useful information and is included here for that reason:

In Closing

Lab farming is a great way to quickly make gold and is accessible to all players, even those under level 80! It is highly recommended that you at least give it a try if you haven't before.