PvP Builds

Throne and Liberty PvP Builds

PvP Builds for Throne and Liberty. For all our builds check out the Throne and Liberty Builds page.

Large-scale Builds

Small-scale Builds

Sword & Shield
Predatory StrikeUsed frame.webp
Counter BarrierUsed frame.webp
Inject VenomUsed frame.webp
Knife ThrowingUsed frame.webp
Provoking RoarUsed frame.webp
Brutal IncisionUsed frame.webp
Strategic RushUsed frame.webp
Shield StrikeUsed frame.webp
Stalwart BastionUsed frame.webp
Camouflage CloakUsed frame.webp
Shadow StrikeUsed frame.webp
Chain HookUsed frame.webp
Skillful EvasionActive frame.webp
Aegis ShieldActive frame.webp
ImpenetrableActive frame.webp
Gerad's PatienceActive frame.webp
Vicious FangsActive frame.webp
Assassin's InstinctsActive frame.webp
Shadow WalkerActive frame.webp
Wrathful EdgeActive frame.webp
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