Simple Raid Builds

This page is a list of builds that are simple to pilot to good results, and often relatively cheap to gear. Full ascended is desirable but if you're low on funds exotic armor is generally acceptable, however you should aim for ascended weapons and trinkets before attempting to raid, as they can be acquired readily and give important stat increases. If you have a build that would fit in this page get in contact with Troupe.

Pure Shortbow Soulbeast

Build Link: Soulbeast - Pure Shortbow Condition

A version of Soulbeast - Condition Stance Share that trades the requirement to melee while on dagger/torch in exchange for a much simpler rotation and slightly lower maximum potential damage. Good on encounters that can force you to range and encounters that you can easily flank the boss for the duration of the encounter.

No-Kit Holosmith

Build Link: Holosmith - No Kit Power DPS

A simplified version of Holosmith - Power DPS that replaces rotating through
while not in Photon Forge with simply staying on Sword/Pistol. Like the main Holosmith build this is strong on almost every encounter, and provides useful team support thanks to
making it a good choice as a first build.

Invigorating Precision Staff Thief

Build Link: Daredevil - DPS Staff - Replace
A flexible power DPS build with excellent survivability thanks to a large number of dodges, endurance regeneration and evades build into weapon skills, as well as insane healing as long as you are dealing damage thanks to
. Damage rotation consists of only dodging, autoattacking and casting
, which no longer requires any fancy camera work making it one of the most simple DPS rotations in the game. If you're feeling confident or are doing a fight with low incoming damage pressure you can swap to
for a DPS increase in exchange for passive healing while retaining the same capacity to evade damage.

Phantasm Power Mesmer

Build Link: Mesmer - Phantasm Power DPS

A very simple build that only gains almost all of its DPS from autoattacks,
. Also has two free utility slots to bring some of mesmer's powerful utility options such as
to support the group.

Hammer Dragonhunter

Build Link: Dragonhunter - DPS/Support Hammer

A power DPS build with a 'rotation' that consists only of autoattacking and casting
every 20 seconds. Generates permanent
Protection Protection
Apply protection to yourself.
Protection.pngProtection (10s): -33% Incoming Damage
Range.pngRange: 1,200
for their party as well as minor healing, with the capacity to bring projectile management with
. Suitable for pretty much every encounter, with the capacity to swap to scepter if ranged DPS is required.

Healing Tempest

Build Link: Tempest - Staff Raid Healer

Provides unrivaled passive healing with
enhanced by
, as well as strong burst heals and condition cleanse. Combined with low cool-down almost instant AoE revives thanks to
makes this an excellent healer for groups that are struggling with keeping players alive through incoming damage. As a bonus, has no resource management which makes it very easy to play, all that needs to be done is remain in
for maximum healing.

Condition Scourge

Build Link: Scourge - Condi DPS

Strong condition DPS and an easy rotation coupled with one of the strongest cleave skills in the game -
. Also provides excellent protection against spikes of damage via barrier and incidental condition clear and might generation. Very strong on encounters that require adds to die quickly, particularly when they cannot be easily pulled in to the boss.